John Greed Pandora Challenge!

Today I want to enter a little competition, a blogger challenge. Last month
I decided that I wouldn’t do anymore of these blogger challenges due to a
couple of reasons, one being that at the moment I just don’t have as much time
as I used to. However, I stumbled upon this one and I have to say I knew
straight away that I would enter due to the fact that I simply adore jewellery.

Currently John
Greed Jewellery are holding a competition where all you have to do is
design a Pandora Bracelet to the sum of no more than £250. Why not pop along to
their website and have a go, I found it really quite exciting to make my own

Here is my entry, with my total sum coming to £240.

Pandora Wish List

I knew that I wanted to create a Christmas theme, what with us now being in
that festive spirit!

The silver used to create this bracelet:

★Pandora Silver Bracelet £55

★Pandora Silver Snowman Charm £25

★Pandora Silver Tyres Spacer Charm £15 x2

★Pandora Turquoise Triangle Murano Glass Charm £30 x2 

★Pandora White Faceted Murano Glass Charm £30 x2

My favourite colour is blue so I thought about creating a bracelet with a
snow and ice themed colours by using the light Turquoise Triangle Murano Glass
Charm and the White Murano Glass Charm, combining this with the Snowman charm
and the Silver Tyres Spacers either side which reminded me of Christmas tree
baubles. For the actual body of the bracelet I chose the original Pandora Silver Bracelet as it is my personal favourite, plus I think it suited my theme better than some of the leather options. I think my design has turned out very wintery, very appropriate for Christmas by
my book!

The Snowman for me is really
symbolic of Christmas as I was obsessed with the film as a child; in
fact, whenever it is on each year I always sit down on the sofa with a hot
drink to watch it. I really enjoy catching it on TV when my mom is there, it’s a nice little moment to share together; especially now that I’m away from home so much. I hope some of you manage to catch it this year if you’ve never seen it before.

What do you all think of my Christmas Pandora Bracelet?

After looking at my design further I have to say I really do like it, how amazing it would be to see for real!

Happy countdown to Christmas everyone!