‘Give and Make-Up’

A few weeks before Christmas during a twitter
conversation I was informed by Danielle at ‘Beauty in
‘ about the charity Give and Make-Up, thanks Danielle!
I had never heard of this charity before then and after doing a quick spot of
research there and then I decided that I would do my bit and donate.

Give and Make-Up is a charity which helps to
provide beauty and hygiene products to women and children who have had to leave
their homes due to domestic abuse. Give and Make-Up donates all items that are
donated by the public to either Women’s Aid or Refuge. Caroline Hirons, the founder
of the charity was inspired as to the idea by two articles that had been
brought to her attention; the first was from a cosmetic trade report which
stated that ‘the average woman in the US uses twelve products before she leaves
the house’. 

The second article was from Women’s Aid and Refuge,
whereby after reading the article which recommended women take toiletries with
them when they leave home, she alluded to the fact that she had plenty of toiletries and cosmetics that she didn’t need or use, who could she give them to? – So Give and Make-Up was born. 

Each week two women in the United Kingdom are murdered by a
partner or ex-partner.

One woman in four experiences domestic violence in their lives. 

Click ‘here‘ to read about what they need in terms of donations.


Seeing as I have no children’s clothes
or anything child related I can’t send anything useful to really benefit any
children, I’m sure others could though. However, what I can send is make-up as
I have so much of it that I find it all rather unnecessary. Therefore, the
other night I sat and went through all my make-up and nail polishes and pulled
out things that I did not want or that I did not use. I have to say the
majority of the things I’ve decided to send have never been used!

Give and Make-Up

Give and Make-Up

with all this I will write down a list of everything included with a little
note next to it about how much stuff has been used, I’ll pop this in the
package so that those who sort it out will be able to decide if they want to
keep it. All the lipsticks included I’m ashamed to say I purchased on such a
whim; they have only ever been swatched on the back of my hand. At least this
way they will be going to a good cause and not being left sitting in a make-up
bag never seeing the light of day. Information as to where to send donations and how to
get in touch with the charity can be found on the website.
I’m adding this image to my blog, let’s spread the