STELLA by Stella McCartney

For as long as I can remember I have been into my perfumes. For me I find
that there is something really elegant and actually quite sexy about wearing perfumes, I personally love them and I’ll always spend money on them….if I
can afford it.

I had wanted to purchase STELLA by Stella
McCartney for a while after having a smell of it just after my
birthday early last July. However the price did scare me a little, as at the
time I was being good, or trying at least. Therefore, a number of months later
a little promotion in Boots during March this year finally persuaded me to pick
it up, STELLA was finally mine!

STELLA by Stella McCartney

This perfume is very much based around the top note of rose, however I find
it is not artificial in any way as many rose scented products can often be. To
balance out the soft notion of a rose there is a contrast of amber notes within
the perfume which I think for me adds a slightly more masculine tone to the
perfume which is something I do quite like.

Overall this perfume is a joy to own, I find it lasts well throughout the
day which is something I look for as spending £50 or more I really do want something
that is worth my money. I may be buying my mother a bottle of this for
Christmas this year as I know she is very fond of it too.

Prices do vary depending on the size that you buy, with STELLA being available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.