Glorious Green Garden

After being stuck at university for what felt like an eternity I’m now back
at home, my three years are all over and all I’m waiting for now are my results
and my graduation, yippee! I’ve really loved coming back home as I really did
struggle the last few months of university, I was so miserable and sad; thank
god it is over. Being back at home has made me realise that one of the things I
really missed was being able to walk out into my garden at home where I could
just sit outside in the sunshine with my cat Oliver; bliss! 

I took a few pictures in my garden the other day, I’m no good at photography
at all but being out in the sun snapping a few pictures was rather therapeutic
to the say the least.

I hope
everyone else has had the opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather; I’ve loved
having the sun on my face for once. Come on the English summer, you can do

I would
also like to take the time to thank every one of my readers as I’ve had some lovely
comments off you guys lately; I really have appreciated every single one so
thank you. I would also like to acknowledge my new readers and followers, thank
you for sticking around, I really do have some wonderful followers, thank you.