Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

If you’re anything like me when it comes to fragrances then I’m sure the Molecule 01 fragrance by Escentric Molecules will not have escaped your radar over the past few months. This fragrance has certainly been a hit within the blogging community but to me it has always been a bit of a mystery, what is it really all about?

Molecule 01 developed by perfumer Geza Shoen back in 2005 is created solely from one single molecule ‘Iso E Super’ along with the simple ingredients of water and alcohol.  Iso E Super adds the allure factor to a scent resulting in woody, velvet notes which then work with your natural pheromones vanishing over time only then to reappear discreetly resulting in a rather individual scent unique to you.


I must admit having seen this crop up a number of times throughout the year so far I have found myself becoming extremely interested in this product as the concept sounds too good to be true. Just think about this for a second, we have a fragrance here that once applied works with your skin to create an individual scent that is said to evoke a flirtatious and relaxed response to those that come into contact with it and more importantly you; supposedly making you even more attractive to the opposite sex. Now I’m not one to generally fall for these kind of promises however, after reading quite a bit around this unique molecule I’m beginning to wonder if there really is some truth to this, it sounds pretty darn good!

I personally would love to try this as the woody notes that are initially associated with this are somewhat replicated within one of my favourite fragrances by Stella McCartney. Over time I would find myself becoming extremely curious as to what the scent smelt like to others, however by the very nature of the product I guess I would never really find out.

Molecule 01 can be purchased from Harvey Nichols

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