Every now and then I like to do a more personal post on my blog as I think it adds a nice touch and gives my readers more of an insight into the person behind ‘A Little Boat Sailing’. Therefore today I’m featuring my favourite little chap, Oliver, my 13 year old cat.

I’ve had Oliver ever since I was 11 years old; we picked him up when he was a baby once he was just old enough to have left his mother. I’m not going to lie; he was very naughty and still can be at the ripe old age of 13. He is somewhat of a lone ranger and does what he likes when he likes, he will come to you on his terms and woe betide you try to give him a cuddle, trust me, I have had the scratches to prove it.

I would say he has mellowed as he has got older and I now find that he will happily sit on my lap and go to sleep for an hour or so. He can be such a loving boy, it’s just a shame that it’s taken about ten years for him to get to that stage! 

I have tried on many occasions to get a nice picture of him but I’m rather convinced he is camera shy as he will always look away or walk off right at the precise moment. However, a few weeks ago when it was really hot I was taking pictures in the garden for a blog post when low and behold I find Oliver lounging in the shade on the patio. I bent down to say hello and as he turned to look at me he paused in the perfect position and hey presto, I got my shot! I’m so thrilled with this picture above as I simply adore it, every time I look at it I’m just amazed at how beautiful he is and at how sharp those claws look!

Recently he has taken to becoming my little shadow as I buy him his favourite treats, Whiskers Temptations! He goes mad for them which I’m rather pleased about as I can bribe him in of a night time by shaking the box, I’m pretty sure he is catching on to my plan though.

So there we have it, a little peek into my life, or should I say Oliver’s.