The Cult Beauty Box by Anna and Lily

The Cult Beauty Box by Anna and Lily

Beauty boxes and I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship. Whilst nobody more than I likes to discover new brands, I also can’t help but need control over what I am spending my money on. Therefore when it comes down to the element of surprise with said beauty boxes, they can often leave me feeling a bit disappointed.

When I first heard that Cult Beauty were releasing a new beauty box alongside Anna and Lily I was very excited, not just because I think they both have really similar tastes to me in terms of beauty but also because I knew what would be inside would be good; and boy oh boy was it good. Cult Beauty have produced a similar thing before with Caroline Hirons, however to be honest they have always been a bit too expensive for me. That being said, this one still does retail at £85 which is still quite expensive, however it was much more manageable for me in comparison to previous boxes.  

Inside the box there are five full sized products and two travel sized, which, I might add are still pretty decent sizes and should give me a really good introduction to how the products will work for me over a couple of months. The box contains a nice little overhaul of some of Anna’s and Lily’s favourite products which span across hair care, skincare and makeup; all of which can be purchased from Cult Beauty. 

The Cult Beauty Box by Anna and Lily

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

This is a product which I have actually used before and whilst I did not fall head over heels in love with it (purely because it stung my eyes) I still enjoyed using it overall. It smells so lovely and it leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. It is a shame that it does irritate my eyes a little as this was the only product which made me question about purchasing the box, however I will persevere with this a bit more because the product itself is actually really nice, it is just a shame my eyes are so sensitive.

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

The Pixi brand is having a bit of a moment with their skincare of late. The infamous Glow Tonic has received a lot of attention, which I think spanned the way forward for the rest of their skincare line. Having tried so very little from Pixi I am incredibly curious to see what this hydrating mist is like. What with the weather being so beautiful over the last few days, not to mention hot, I think this is the perfect time to open this in order to try it out.

Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner

If there is one thing I cannot be without these days it is liner. Whether it be pencil, gel or liquid I am rarely found without it. Over the past year I have read a number of reviews about this little product, all of which have been very, very good so again this is one which I am really looking forward to giving a try. Although having recently picked up the new liner from the latest Kiko collection, I will be waiting a few weeks before I do open this.

Becca’s Backlight Priming Filter 

Quite frankly I am all about the glow these days, a healthy glow that is and not a greasy shine. In the past I have never really used a primer which aims to provide a glow alongside the typical qualities of a traditional primer. That being said I do now use the NIOD Photography Fluid which achieves glow like nothing else, therefore it will be nice to see how this compares. This will also be my first experience with Becca so I am really looking forward to trying this, especially since I already have my eyes on a couple of other products from the brand.

Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil

The Sunday Riley Luna Oil has been on my wish list for the past six months. Several of my friends own this and every single one of them to this day continues to tell me how incredible it is. I trust them first and foremost and generally speaking nearly every review I have read on this product says the same thing. Yes it is expensive, however judging by how long it will last you I think you can justify the price over time. The 15ml travel size within the box is actually just half the size of the full 30ml product which I think is very good indeed, this sample alone will last me such a long time.  

The Cult Beauty Box by Anna and Lily

Yu Jing’s Jade Facial Roller

When I first saw this product a couple of years back I knew that one day I would buy it, I just didn’t know when. First and foremost it is very aesthetically pleasing, which almost fills me with horror as one cannot simply justify spending money on something just because of that…or can they. That being said, I have used facial rollers before which have not cut the mustard, they have always either been a bit too rough or they have failed to roll properly along the face. Having tried this already I really cannot believe the quality of it in comparison to past products I have tried. it really is lovely and what with it also being made of jade it is really cool to touch which makes it extra nice to use, especially if it is kept in the fridge for half an hour before use.

Classic Wet Brush 

This is the second Wet Brush I own and I will make no secret about the fact that I am thrilled to have another as a back up. It is not often I can say that a hair brush really makes a difference to my hair care routine however having since used one of these for the first time, I no longer use any other hair brush.

Overall I think the contents of this box are fantastic, it is beautifully presented and well thought out. If you are thinking of picking up one of these then I wouldn’t hang around much longer, they’re of a limited quantity but can still be found over on the Cult Beauty website.