Rimmel Apocalips Across The Universe

For a rather long time I found myself holding off trying the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers due to a few reasons. The first was most definitely due to how much hype that they had received in such a short space of time which left me a little bit suspicious. Secondly I’ve also over the last year or so tried very hard not to fall for hyped up products so held off for a good while. My last reason was because I had heard quite a few mixed reviews from a number of bloggers I trust therefore I found myself with a 50/50 opinion about them before I had tried them for myself.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer* in the shade ‘Across the Universe’. This shade is quite a bit darker in comparison to Big Bang which is the other red in the apocalips line up where I would certainly argue that it is slightly more appropriate for winter time as it has a much deeper tone to it, I personally however would wear it at any time of the year.

For somebody who can be extremely messy with lipstick I was slightly concerned when it originally came to applying the product as even with a doe foot I found that I struggled. I found that the best way to apply this that worked for me was to put a bit on with the applicator and then use a lip brush to be a bit more precise. Seeing as there are a few lighter shades within the apocalips range I should imagine that some of those may be a little more forgiving if you go over your lip line however with this shade being so pigmented and indeed so bright there really is no room for error. My application above was a little off but I’m no make up artist so this was the best that I could do; I think it is just about passable.

In terms of wear time Across the Universe left me incredibly impressed as after four hours the colour was just as bright and vivid on my lips. Be warned though as this shade will leave quite a few marks on cups and will wear a little bit if you’re eating however this is nothing that a little touch up cannot solve. One thing that I did notice with this is that it can somehow easily make its way onto your teeth which is never a good look so I definitely recommend blotting a little bit too just to remove any excess product. 

When it comes to lipsticks and lip crayons I’ve normally one primary concern which is in regards to how moisturising or drying the product is. I can happily report that I didn’t experience any particular drying effects on my lips after or during use of the apocalips lip lacquers although I did put a little bit of lip balm on beforehand in order to combat that. Applying lip balm before any lipstick or lip crayon is something I tend to do ninety percent of the time and is something I highly recommend if you suffer with dry lips but want to maintain a nice smooth surface for your lipstick.

After waiting a rather long time to try these out I can most certainly say I understand the hype around these. Across the Universe was quite the leap into the Rimmel Apocalips line of which I’m now extremely keen to try out a few more. Retailing at £5.99 I think that these are reasonably priced and are definitely worth trying out if you haven’t already. 

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers can be purchased from The Hut. There are a number of shades available therefore if you have any recommendations for me then please do let me know in the comments below.

Rimmel is not a cruelty free brand.