Spring Nails

I put together three designs here, very simple and pretty quick actually as I wanted to post this before I left for Edinburgh, however, I have no concept of time and how long it takes me to pack and get ready so….if anybody wants to know how to do these just let me know and I’ll do a post when I’m back.

The base colours from left to right are Revlon ‘Classy’, Barry M ‘Lemon’, Bourjois ‘Amande Defile’, Models Own ‘Beth’s Blue’ and lastly, Rimmel ‘Rose Libertine’.

I chose simple dot designs for three of them,
mainly because I ran out of time the night before (I had so many ideas). The
design with Barry M ‘Lemon’ as a base was slightly random as I wanted to create
a vine type design with flowers coming off it, I think it is ok but I’m
definitely having another go when I have a bit more time on my hands, so watch
this space! I like the blue design though, however originally I didn’t have the
pink detail on and I felt it looked a little bland so once I had added the pink
I did feel that it lifted the design so much more. I guess these are actually
very simple and I’m rather in two minds about posting as honestly, anybody
could do these. They’re a bit fun though so they’ve made it to my blog to share
with you all.