Budget Beauty Hero’s

Budget Beauty Hero's

There’s no denying that when it comes to make up I have quite a profound interest, from budget beauty to more luxurious treats I’m more than willing to give anything a try. Across the period in which I have being writing about beauty (three years this March) I have featured a wide range of products which have varied in price, availability and brand however I did notice that towards the end of last year I felt as though I was focusing a little too much on the expensive stuff. For me this has to stop, I love high end brands and I always will however I’m more than aware that there are some serious gems out there to be found on the shelves of Boots and Superdrug.

That’s not to say I won’t be featuring luxury brands on here as I most certainly will however all I want to do is gain back that balance. Therefore today I’m starting off strong by sharing with you some of my favourite budget beauty hero’s. All of these products here are under £10 which for me is my ball park figure in whether I regard something as budget friendly or not, anything more and I’m heading towards more high end; I’m strict guys, I’m strict.

My affair with the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters is still going strong although I do admit I’ve side-lined the ones with the shimmer inside for the plain normal versions. Juicy Papaya and Strawberry Shortcake are still my favourites where they are some of my favourite shades to wear in the spring and summer. Staying with lip products I absolutely love using the L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in the shade Tempting Lilac, these lipsticks are relatively hydrating, nicely packaged and provide a really nice finish and hint of colour. Sadly from looking online I do fear that these may have had the chop as they now seem only available on the likes of Amazon and eBay.

Blush is probably one of my favourite products to apply as it can really add that extra something into a look. From a natural flush to the cheeks to a brighter pop of colour in the summer I tend to try all types depending on what eye make up and lip colour I’m wearing. The powder Sleek blushes are super popular and it’s not hard to see why, they’re affordable, easy to find and pretty darn pigmented therefore it’s hard to find anything to really criticise about these. Cream blushes are probably my favourite formula I would say although I’m generally a fan of both. The NYX Rouge Cream Blush in the shade natural has been the only blush that I have worn this month; it’s easy to blend and adds a beautiful dewy finish to my cheeks that I find lasts pretty well throughout the day.

Only today I was talking about nail polish with a fellow blogger where I confessed that I have one too many! My collection primarily consists of a million and one Barry M polishes because they’re quite simply great in my opinion. They’re as cheap as chips, there is a huge array of shades and finishes available and they are once again very easy to find in the UK (I know that these are hard to find abroad).

Rounding up with base products I have the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation which is probably one of my favourite high street foundations to date, if not my favourite. It’s a great base that is light to medium coverage, it doesn’t feel heavy and it matches my skin tone really well. The only two issues I do have with this is the distinct lack of pump (it’s a pain in the backside) and the fact that it can highlight dry skin which is something I cannot stand. I’m willing to overlook that last issue as when my skin is fine it is a fantastic foundation to wear. 

My last two products are concealers whereby the first is the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer which helps to brighten areas. I use this underneath my eyes and on the very top of my cheek bone as I think it does a really great job at making this area much brighter. I wouldn’t say that it is the best concealer in the world, having said that I have repurchased this before so I clearly get on with this very well. Another repurchase is the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer which is my go to under eye concealer. I really like this and find that it works very well for helping to mask dark circles without creasing up into any fine lines. It isn’t a miracle worker by any stretch of the imagination but I’m relatively happy with it.

What are your Budget Beauty Hero’s?