Blogs I read #3

It seems like forever since I last wrote one of these posts therefore what better way to spend my Sunday night/early Monday morning than putting a post together to spread the blogger love. 

First of all I thought I’d hit you guys up with an illustration blog ran by Kelly Smith over at Birdy & Me. If you’re a fellow art enthusiast or simply appreciate beautiful illustrations then this is most certainly the blog for you. Often featuring illustrations focused on beauty and fashion Kelly has been one of my favourite bloggers over the last year, I’m also a huge fan of her instagram.

Claudia over at Beauty and the Chic was a discovery of mine towards the end of last year. I’m not entirely sure why it took me so long to discover her blog but better late than never as they say. Claudia features fashion and beauty posts and appears to have a slight obsession with LUSH…can you blame her? I’m a frequent visitor to her blog throughout the week with it being a must read of an evening as I sit down with my cup of tea.

Hello Terri Lowe! If you haven’t already guessed it this blog is ran by Terri and features the most down to earth blog reviews and general chit chat that I have ever read in my two years of blogging. I absolutely love reading what she has to say next and she honestly makes me laugh so much. Hello Terri Lowe is most certainly a blog to check out if you want some true lifestyle blogging mixed up with beauty, fashion and the odd mention or two of Kitty.

Belle-Amie is a blog that I have being reading pretty much since I set my own up back in 2012, I’m pretty sure she was one of the first blogs I discovered too! The lovely Amie behind Belle-Amie features a wide variety of detailed beauty reviews from across the high street which are some of my favourites to read. She has also recently created her own tag which is rather exciting, make sure you check it out.

A short but oh so sweet post today of which I hope you all enjoyed. If you would like to check out previous blogs I have featured in this series then please check them out below.

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