August Empties!

I’ve been a bit absent when it comes to posting about empty products. My main reason for this is I tend to go into these crazy little moments of cleaning where I cannot stand to have empty products lying around resulting in them promptly being placed into the recycling. However, this month I hid them out of site so that I wouldn’t have to look at them so I would be able to an empties post come the end of the month.

Beauty Product Empties

I finished up my first ever tube of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish last week and my oh my what a sad occasion that was. I swear I actually felt my face drop once I realised I had used the last pump of the product, gutted was rather an understatement. I’ll be doing a review of this next week sometime therefore I will not harp on about it here; all I can tell you is that I miss it already.

Next up I finished/poured away the end of my Clinique Clarifying Lotion from the three step series; as you can see I used series three out of the four available. Whilst I did initially like this I soon realised that it was full of alcohol which immediately put me off. I found myself glaring at it quite angrily in my bathroom as alcohol has dried my skin out so much in the past (Clean and Clear I’m looking at you) however, I must confess it was my own fault as I should have checked the ingredients before I purchased it, furthermore I can safely say I will not be re-buying this.

The Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover wasn’t too bad to be honest, in fact I did quite like it however I’m aware that it is more money than my usual Camomile Gentle Make Up Remover from The Body Shop therefore I will not be buying this again either.

I’ve managed to use up another body butter from the Boots Extracts range, this time it was in the scent Mango. I did like this yet I found I preferred the less fruity scents as I have tried Brazil Nut and Coconut since and preferred both of these to this one. However, I do think in general that these are fantastic value for money and I would definitely purchase these in the future.

Last up has to be one of my favourite liners to date, with this being the Liquid Eyeliner in black from The Body Shop. I purchased this way back in July last year where it has served me well lasting me such a long time; for the grand total of £9 I would happily buy this again. I’ve found it to be super pigmented with the application being very easy despite wishing that the nib was a little softer, I also found that it lasted well throughout the day.