Autumn Footwear from Clarks

I don’t know about you but I simply love this time of year! I’ll easily take any excuse to chuck on a baggy jumper, long parka and boots, is it too early to include the scarf yet? Whilst I’ve being browsing numerous websites for a new winter coat (I’m still on the hunt) I have also found myself looking at new footwear for the colder months as my converse simply won’t cut it for much longer. I’ve found myself browsing the Clarks website as I’m a huge fan of their shoes as they’re so incredibly comfortable. I’ve grew up having shoes from Clarks for school and indeed work so it is very often that I find myself popping in just to see what is currently available; this year they have some fantastic autumn footwear.

I’ve featured above some of my favourite shoes from Clarks which are all in my opinion gorgeous, most of which did crop up within the wedge section; I really can’t decide on my favourite as they’re all so nice. 

The Lorenzo Ocean Black Suede Boots highlighted as number one are so smart. This style of boot actually comes in three finishes: Black Suede, Mushroom Snake and Wine Interest Leather, all of which are stunning. I’ve included the Mushroom Snake version on the image above as these really stood out to me, the colour is so different to anything I currently own and would be really nice with a pair of black skinny jeans I think.

The second pair I’ve featured also have a wedge heel with this being a different colour to the main body of the shoe. I think this pair would look fantastic with a skirt, tights, long coat and a scarf….cor blimey I cannot wait to wear my scarf! 

Everyone needs a pair of hardy winter boots which I think number four, National Sugar in Brown Leather would easily see us through the snow and ice. These look super comfortable and more importantly, check out the grip on those! I could have done with those a few years ago when I went to Curry’s with my boyfriend, let’s just say I ended up doing some kind of weird on the spot dance as I tried to remain up right after sliding on a patch of black ice…it was not pretty in the slightest.

The next pair I picked out are called Langdon Fizz are black leather ankle boots that have a cowboy twist to them. I have to say I really do like these and after seeing very similar styles across a number of websites over the last few months I’d say these are probably my favourite that I’ve so far looked at.

The African Glow Black Leather Boots are perhaps one of my favourite pairs off the website. I can’t decide which pair I do like the most as it is a decision between  numbers 2, 4 and 6 yet I do like the extra bit of heel that is present on this pair in comparison to the others I’ve chosen. Reading the information about this pair in particular led me to find out that they are part of the Soul of Africa range whereby profits from the purchase of these boots and other footwear within that range are sent to Africa whereby the money is used to help AIDS affected children. I didn’t expect to read that tonight whilst putting this post together, what a fantastic cause to support.

I popped into Clarks yesterday to have a mooch and I’ve fallen completely in love with a pair of mushroom and tan brogues, I just cannot decide on a colour.


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