The Autumn Tag

Source: We Heart It

I was recently tagged by Maggie and Ana  to take part in The Autumn Tag which has being floating around recently; thank you ladies. 

1: Favourite thing about autumn? 

My favourite thing about autumn has to be of course the change in all the colours, all the bright and flush greens start to fade into glorious crisp reds and orange, even shades of brown are rather appealing in this season. I also love that really fresh cold smell that grips the air, it’s so incredibly awakening I find; I like nothing more than wrapping up warm and going for a walk in the woods when it is like that.

2: Favourite drink?

My favourite drink I’m afraid doesn’t really change no matter what time of year as I’m a huge tea drinker so that’s pretty much it. However, I do drink a lot of green tea too!

3: Favourite scent/candle? 

Hmm now this is a tricky one, I’ve already mentioned the cold fresh air smell (if you also notice that too then let me know as I feel really weird typing it).

4: Favourite Lipstick? 

This would probably be my Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Crush, it is a gorgeous berry colour.

5: Go to moisturiser?

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser or the Ren Hydra Calm Moisturiser.

6: Go to colours for the eyes?

I’m torn between two looks for this as I really like a natural look with a nice deep wing of black eye liner; however then again I really like a deep brown smoky eye. 

7: Favourite band/singer to listen to? 

I listen to all sorts throughout the year therefore I have no real preference for this particular question, a few favourites of late are Lana Del Ray, Bastille, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Coldplay. I like quite a variety of music but sometimes find myself not listening to any new stuff for a while and just sticking with my favourites.

8: Favourite outfit to wear?

Skinny jeans, checked shirt and a baggy jumper and of course the obligatory scarf.

9: Autumn treat? 

I love those apple lattice things you can buy in Greggs during the build-up to Halloween. (Thinking about it those may have cinnamon in, eww!)

10: Favourite place to be?

I’m a home gal, I like being at home watching something on TV with a nice cup of tea, reading blogs with a chocolate biscuit or two…I’m so wild!

I find it hard to find anybody who hasn’t already been tagged in this so therefore feel free to tag yourselves and let me know if you do it as I would love to have a little read.