Blogs I read #2

                                    Jordan AliceUn-ObservedMiss Makeup MagpieThe Private Life Of A Girl

My first blog post in this series received some lovely feedback from the blogging community. Posts like these are some of my favourite to read, let’s spread the love! I’ll start off by introducing you to four more lovely ladies whose blogs I really enjoy browsing on a frequent basis

I’ve being reading Jordan’s blog ‘Jordan Alice’ for a while now and it has firmly become one of my favourites. Jordan features a variety of posts from both high end beauty to high street, just the type of content I like. She is a truly beautiful girl both inside and out, most definitely one of the nicest bloggers I’ve ever spoken to. If you’re not already following her then please do check out her site. She has really crisp clear product photos with really honest reviews, definitely not one to miss out on.

Abby who runs the blog ‘Un-Observed’ is also a blog I visit frequently. Abby is such a lovely girl with a stunning blog which features beauty and lifestyle posts. She also runs a online website and store called Gifts and Pieces which has some gorgeous items in for your home; check out the Christmas gifts she has! Abby also creates blog designs which are unique in design and style; they’re incredibly pretty whilst remaining very professional.

Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie has one of the nicest blog designs I’ve seen in a long time. Behind this gorgeous design is a truly fantastic blog which always features a number of product reviews and hauls on a day to day basis. She’s most certainly up to date with the latest products so if you’re looking for something new to try then definitely check out her blog; she’s also pretty darn nice too! 

Sophie from the blog ‘A Private Life Of A Girl’ is the most recent of these four blogs that I’ve being reading. It has however fast become one that I visit daily due to the simple monochrome design that I have come to really like. I adore the way she styles her photos; everything is so straight forward with this blog. There is a variety of content on here from makeup, skincare and books that she is reading; it is a true delight to browse. She’s also very honest on her opinions of products, especially if they have been hyped up in the past which is something I appreciate a lot when deciding to buy something; a truly fantastic blog.