HealGel Eye

Back in November I was kindly given the opportunity to try out a product from the brand HealGel. After having experienced HealGel Face (read my review here) I was incredibly keen to try out something else from that line up, therefore as soon as HealGel Eye* arrived on my doorstep I found myself rather excited to give it a whirl.

HealGel Eye* is an anti-ageing aqueous gel formula which is designed to help with the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. As I have mentioned before, I’m only 24 but surely it can’t hurt to include an anti-ageing product here and there within my skincare routine. What intrigued me most however were the claims that this product could help with dark circles which more often than not are one of my main skincare concerns.  

In terms of packaging this product again hits the nail on the head, as with HealGel Face the packaging is clinical, crisp and concise; just the way I like it. In fact all of the products by the brand so far follow this particular style which is something I really do admire, there is just something about it that makes me think I’m onto a winning product before I’ve even tried it. Again the actual product inside is dispensed through a pump which is once again another positive aspect for me as it is far more hygienic compared to pots of creams etc.

As I have briefly mentioned this product is an aqueous gel type texture which is simply beautiful to apply. It is so smooth and quite cooling to use on the delicate eye area, I find it really refreshing for the morning time in particular. I find that this sinks in quite nicely after a minute or two leaving my under eye area prepped for any concealer that will be applied. HealGel Eye* contains the magic ingredient hyaluronic acid which helps to lock moisture deeper within the skin helping to firm up the eye area. This product acts as a lovely base and does not lead to concealer products to bobble up; in fact it makes the concealer look a whole lot smoother. 

I’ve being using this product pretty much every morning and night since it arrived and I have to say I really do like it. Personally I’ve had a quite a few emotional months which have resulted in plenty of tears which of course leave me with extremely puffy eyes in the morning; in fact they have often looked as if I’ve been stung by a bee! This product sure has helped calm that puffiness down, it’s not a miracle worker by any stretch of the imagination but it has helped me with these issues. In regards to dark circles I have seen an improvement over a number of weeks; however I do think it is something that you need to keep using as you can’t expect to see a difference after a few weeks in.

Overall I’m so pleased that I have had the chance to try out this beautiful product. At a price of £32 I’m sorry to say it isn’t that cheap however I can assure you that this goes a long way, therefore you only need a small amount each time so this would last you for quite a long time. 

*PR Sample.
*HealGel is a cruelty free brand that is also suitable for vegans.