Nail Art Brushes

I’ve wanted to dabble a bit more in nail art for a while now however I found myself somewhat limited as at the time all I had were simple straight forward dotting tools. They are fantastic tools which I plan to keep on using however they do not allow me to do other types of designs very easily, therefore whilst browsing the internet I decided to look for some brushes that would suit my needs.

Upon browsing Amazon a few weeks back I found this set of fifteen nail art brushes for the rather appealing price of just £1.19 plus 99p postage. Normally I would be a bit reluctant to order anything like this for such a cheap price however I decided to place an order and see what they were like when they arrived, for how cheap they were I wasn’t too concerned if they turned out to be poor quality.

I’ve used a couple of brushes thus far and I have to say I’m really quite pleased with them. They’re pretty soft considering how cheap they were and work really well with nail polish. I have had one brush head come away from the main body of the brush but that is a minor problem that can be solved with a bit of super glue.

All in all this is a rather great set of brushes for anybody wishing to start an adventure into nail art. I can’t wait to start some Christmas designs now!