Yankee Candles

Lighting candles for me has to be one of the nicest things you can do in order to settle down for a nice relaxing evening. Turning the lights down low and having a few candles lit really sets a nice atmosphere whether you’re lounging on the sofa watching a film or relaxing in the tub. Just yesterday I finally purchased my first ever Yankee Candles, this was rather exciting I have to say as I’ve read so many things about them since I started my blog. 

I picked up Mandarin Cranberry and Black Cherry in the Sampler Votive size so that I could give them a try to see if I liked them as the full sizes are quite expensive. These cost me £1.50 each in the shop I purchased them from however across the road in another they were £1.80 so prices may vary, they shouldn’t be more than £1.80 though. 

These both so far smell wonderful and I haven’t even lit them yet, I’m looking forward to lighting one later during the beauty bloggers chat….what a life I do lead. Apparently each one of these votive candles provides fifteen hours of fragrance which is a decent amount of time in order to see if you like them.

I also picked up a new handmade glass candle holder for £3 from Wilkinson, this is technically a tea light holder from what it says on the label however I’ll be putting in one of the Yankee Candles in it tonight just to be a rebel. I’m pretty certain the votive candles will look a bit odd in this but at the moment I have no other holder to pop them in, hopefully it will be ok.

So folks, the most important question I have today is which candle shall I light tonight?