Max Factor The Face

The lovely Layla from Sprinkles of Style recently contacted me to tell me that she had selected me as one of the winners from her give away. I have to tell you I was mighty thrilled as the Max Factor brand is one I tend to never buy as it tends to be a little more expensive than the other high street brands on the shelves of Boots. I’ve always wanted to try mascara from Max Factor so thank you Layla for sending me this lovely little gift.

Within the Max Factor The Face Gift Set there is a tube of the False Lash Effect Mascara in the shade black/brown. As well as this there is a Lipfinity Lip Colour in the shade Essential Neutral which I have read is a limited edition, along with a blue Glossfinity nail polish in Cobalt Blue.

I was so excited to try these products this morning that even though I wasn’t going anywhere today I still insisted on doing my make up to try them out. In regards to the mascara I found this provided me with a really natural look, it separated my lashes really well and did not clump at all. With this being a black/brown shade it is different to my usual dark black mascaras that I pick but my oh my I think I’ve discovered a little bit of a new thing here. With this being a lighter mascara I found this really warmed up my eyes and made them so much softer, I’m actually super impressed with this and definitely would now like to try a few brown mascaras. 

In terms of volume I would say that it is OK, I have tried better but considering I do like a natural looking mascara this is more than enough for me. I wouldn’t say this is fantastic at lengthening yet this is something I never look for personally as I have long eye lashes already, if anything I tend to steer away from lengthening claims. When I consider the name of this mascara I do think that it could be a little misleading, I would have preferred a hint towards providing a natural look as this is what I think it achieves remarkably well. Overall I think if you’re looking for a nice natural mascara to use on a daily basis for work or similar then I think this would be a good choice for you.

As for the Lipfinity Lip Colour I have to say that so far I’m quite impressed. I had read that these can be very drying so I did prepare my lips with the Lanolips Lemonade Lip Balm beforehand. This initially made applying the first phase of the lip colour a little bit trickier as the surface was highly moisturised however it dried a lot sooner than I had expected leaving a little bit of a dry finish to look at, please note that it did not feel dry at all at this point. Once this had set I then applied the second phase which is a clear moisturising top coat, this added a nice shine to the lip colour and provided extra moisture to the lips. The lip colour is a paint type product which can be drying so I do recommend using a lip balm beforehand. It says on the box to use the top coat throughout the day as you would a lip balm.

Having worn this now for a number of hours I can report that it hasn’t dried into any cracks on my lips yet, it does in fact look really nice and natural. I’m rather intrigued to see what other shades are available after my first use in using this as I’ve found it to be really quite pigmented with a nice opaque finish; there is nothing sheer about this at all. I should imagine that darker shades from the range would be so much more intense compared to this as I have a very natural shade. I must hasten to add that I had prepared my lips with a very moisturising lip balm so I do honestly think that if I had used nothing at all this may have been a very different story. 

I haven’t yet used the nail polish but it will be featured in an upcoming post no doubt so look out for that soon.

Have you tried any products from Max Factor recently? I’m very new to the brand so if you have any recommendations please do let me know.

*Max Factor are not a cruelty free brand.