Avène Cleanance Gel

I’m introducing a new product to my skin care regime, as over the last 2
weeks my skin has turned horrendous! It has gone patchy in colour; I have had
several spots which I never get now, and they occur once in a blue moon so yes,
weird activity on my face! I cannot put a pin point onto the culprit however,
the direction I’m looking at is towards my Nivea Pure and Natural Cleanser but
surely Nivea cannot be causing this, I mean, it’s Nivea!

I’ve decided on taking a sabbatical away from it for a few weeks to see what
happens, I can then decide if it is the Nivea cleanser which is not agreeing
with me. So, I’ve went in search of a nice, sensitive skin cleanser for my
blemish ridden skin, with me picking out the Avène Cleanance
Gel. I have heard of this brand before, I know somebody that uses it ritually
and their skin looks great! 

The actual product reminds me of washing up liquid when you initially put it on to your fingers. I’ve literally only used it for the first time this morning but after putting it on my face, of which it lathers up great I found that my skin did feel very refreshed and calm if that makes any kind of sense. 

It cost me £8.25 from Boots, which for me at the moment is a tad expensive but under normal circumstances I wouldn’t mind. However, I have to say I feel it will last me a long while, a small amount really did go a long way.

Hopefully it will start to sort out my skin over the next few days.

Has anybody else used any products from Avène, if so, what were your experiences?