A walk in the woods

There’s just something about being outdoors walking in the woods that fills me with a sense of inner peace. Listening to the low hum of urban life disappear as I walk further into the wood somehow allows me to leave all the worries and stress behind too; I leave them behind at the road. Bird calls replace the noise of the traffic filling the air with soft and happy chirps, almost as if they want you to join in. The little rustles in the bushes often suggest small creatures like mice, whilst the wind in the trees high above brings with it that fresh woodland air that I’ve often longed for; being outdoors is one of my favourite things.

Last week I went for a walk with my mom after work and took a few pictures whilst I was there. Unfortunately that day despite it being a really beautiful but cold afternoon no wildlife really wanted to stick around for a photograph. I saw a little mouse, a huge bird of prey and lots of other birds but they were all too busy about their day, they didn’t have time to pose. After taking quite a few pictures of various trees and the landscape at the top of the hill we headed back home. Whilst on the last short stretch out of the wood we spotted two grey squirrels playing in the trees, they startled us and I’m pretty sure we startled them! This luckily allowed me to get one solitary picture of one of them before he scampered away. My mission that day was complete.

When was the last time you went for a walk in the woods?