Fashionably Fit

Exercise, the one word that used to fill me with dread and most of the time still does. The idea of going for a morning jog before everybody is up and about sounds quite nice, the calm air, peaceful atmosphere with the birds singing; what’s not to like? Reality however is a little bit different come 7am when you’re snuggled up cosy in bed, plus when you’re at work for 7:30am in the week the weekend lie in becomes quite sacred; I like to hold onto it for as long as possible.

Recently however I have tried to be a little more proactive, whether this has been simply taking up the 30 day shred (again) or going for a light jog. The arrival of a few items from Sports Shoes a couple of weeks ago has helped to encourage me further into this field of a healthier lifestyle. I’m not perfect when it comes to my health, believe me when I say this that I eat a lot of crap and I’m more than aware of it therefore I really do want to make a positive change to my lifestyle as well as within the food I eat. I know that I will have to begin with baby steps because I’m not physically very fit at all however we all have to start somewhere right?

Since receiving a few new items courtesy of Sports Shoes I have to say I honestly have felt far more motivated to improve my fitness. Before I had being wearing some pretty old things that I had felt a little embarrassed to be wearing, I’m talking here about very old battered trainers at least ten years old as well as a pair of leggings with a hole in! I could have changed this of course however I didn’t, for whatever reason my motivation was not there for me to make that simple and easy change. Since I have recently had the opportunity to try out a few new items I’ve definitely had more enthusiasm. Was it a lack of confidence before? Was I feeling a little ashamed to be seen out and about in my old things? Perhaps although I also feel that it was because what I wore didn’t really symbolise fitness to me, I didn’t associate my clothing with fitness as the hoodie I would wear to go out jogging would be one I would wear around the house (not on the same day of course). It’s a bit like the idea where you shouldn’t sit and work on your bed, because if you do you then associate it as a place of work and not a place of relaxation etc; I did a lot of this at university so I do believe in analogy. I sure hope that makes sense and that some of you have heard of that before or else I will feel a right numpty.

I’ve been really quite shocked to see how a few simple changes such as different clothing to wear has made a difference, a difference that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Having decent running shoes such as the Nike Dual Fusion Run 2* has been a revelation for me as for the first time in my life my feet no longer hurt when I jog. I’ve decent support for my feet now too which really does make a world of difference! This has been quite the experience for me, especially for a girl who practically lives in Converse.

Often I have worn a hoodie for a light jog, not just to keep warm but to also use as some sort of comfort blanket to keep me covered up; again it’s a confidence issue. However it’s not such a bad idea as initially going for a run in the early hours of the morning can be quite chilly therefore you need something warm however you don’t want it to be too heavy as you tend to warm up quite quickly. The Nike Racer Women’s Long Sleeve Running Top* has been super handy to have as it’s long sleeve so takes the brunt of the chill off but also let’s your skin breathe as your body temperature increases. I’ve since replaced my hoodie with this and I have to say the experience has been so much better; it’s so incredibly light and allows me to move with much more freedom. The same also applies to the Nike Racer Short Sleeve* from the same range however I’d be more inclined to wear that on a summer evening. 

If you want to start a bid to get more fit then I really do think it is worthwhile picking up a few new things to kick start your routine. You don’t have to spend expensive at all, I really wish I had decided to buy a couple of new things long ago as clearly it may just have been the encouragement that I needed.

I’d just like to acknowledge that these items of clothing were very kindly sent to me to review in order to see whether being fashionably fit helps to spur you on with exercise or if comfort over looks is something you prefer. Personally for me I think in the end it boiled down to a bit of both, of course comfort is a priority when it comes to exercise however it surely cannot hurt to have a bit of a confidence boost if you’re wearing something nice; I know I certainly felt nicer in myself. If by doing so it gets us all out and about a bit more and living a healthier lifestyle then I’m all for it.

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on this one, please do let me know what you think.

*PR Samples.