The Muji Files | Part 4

The Muji Files Part 4
The Muji Files

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MUJI! Where oh where would my make up collection be without it? I’ll tell you where, dotted around my bathroom, bedroom and handbag that’s where. I know a lot of people now use Muji but honestly I think it is incredible stuff and can see why it is so popular. Before I confess my love for it a little too much I’ll get straight into my next instalment of the Muji Files which looks at my blush drawer. This draw has changed ever so slightly since photographing this however everything in there at the time was something that I really liked. 

Starting off with the products from Topshop we have the Head over Heels cream blush which is a cream to powder formula which packs a fair amount of pigmentation and is super easy to blend. Making a sneaky entrance into this draw is the Topshop Highlighter in the shade Crescent Moon which sadly isn’t available to buy any more, although there is the option of Sunbeam. Sunbeam is pretty but leans too far towards the gold spectrum for my personal taste. Crescent Moon however is much better for my skin tone because it has more of a champagne finish and is much lighter in tone, it’s a shimmery highlight which packs a punch so a light hand is a must, it sure is worth it though as it is incredibly pretty to wear.

I’ve a couple of Sleek blushes here too which if I’m honest are probably a little bit old now however I haven’t quite managed to bring myself to throwing them out, especially as two are limited editions. Having said that the trio blush in the top corner has to be the one I reach for the least, purely because I hardly ever wear bright shades like that these days. It’s an incredibly beautiful blush palette which sadly doesn’t receive the attention that it deserves as after all Sleek blushes are in my opinion one of best ones on the high street, they’re also a bargain.

At the time of photographing this I had just the one NARS blush which was in the shade Deep Throat. This has been used quite a lot and to this day is one that I reach for regularly. It’s a soft peach shade that is perfect for every day, it’s very pigmented and like all NARS blushes it lasts really well throughout the day. Sticking with higher end for the moment I do have a cream blush from Illamasqua which was actually a purchase I made after seeing it used by Pixiwoo over a year ago. This is in the shade Lies and it is a beautiful soft baby pink that is actually incredibly sheer, in fact I find it to be so sheer that I struggle to get this to show up most of the time so instead tend to use it to highlight my cheek bones. If I’m honest I very rarely reach for this although since writing this post I’m going to start using it a bit more often; I’m convinced that I can make it work better for me somehow.

My Charlotte Tilbury Blush Swish & Pop Blusher in Sex on Fire is also found within this draw, still in its box I might add as I can’t quite bring myself to get rid of that just yet. Like all of Charlotte Tilbury’s products this is beautiful and is again a product I find myself reaching for pretty often as it is one of the few shades that I own that is on the more neutral spectrum. 

The last few products consist of a mineral blush from Lily Lolo* which is actually really nice however I feel as though I need a better blush brush to enable me to get a smoother blend with the fine particles; I sometimes can end up with a bit of a patchy look if I’m not careful. Finally I also have the Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in the shade Kitten which is so beautiful and can be used as a highlight, eye shadow and blush if you fancy although I do tend to use it as a highlight more than anything else.