Blog Birthday!

If somebody had told me two years ago today upon creating my blog that I would still be here two years later writing my blog posts, taking pictures and chatting to people on twitter about makeup, skincare and ASOS shoes I simply wouldn’t have believed them. I still remember starting this blog up on the night I got home from work whilst living away at university. The day before I had being hunting for mascara reviews whilst I probably should have being writing an assignment no doubt and had stumbled upon a number of blogger reviews. Those beauty reviews and many more besides captivated me and left me rather intrigued but more importantly inspired. I knew that I wanted to do something like that, to share my thoughts on makeup so after thinking about it on my shift I promptly created a Google account and never looked back. That day a whole new world opened up for me, one that I would never have dreamed would make such an impact.

Whilst reading that paragraph it may sound a little dramatic to some and believe me I get that, yet to me it’s the truth. I’ve found something here that I never thought I would, something that I have become passionate about. It’s hard for me to sum up what my blog really means to me without over doing it; I guess if you’re a fellow blogger you will understand.

This is a short post for today as I wanted to keep it relatively simple and straight to the point. I guess the most important thing that I wanted to say was thank you. I owe you all one huge big thank you to every single person who has commented on my blog, to everyone that has decided to follow me and to those that have contacted me via email, twitter, instagram and more. Your feedback, help and kindness has meant more to me than you will truly ever know, particularly throughout the last six months. Last year was an amazing and horrendous year for me all mixed up into one, I’m not going to delve into it any more than that other than to say that by running this blog it has helped me in more ways than one. I’m still not back to where I was however I don’t think I ever will be. I’ve no real idea at the moment where I’m heading career wise and I’ve certainly no idea where my blog will be in three months, six months or come the start of 2015. All I do know is that I plan on sticking around and sharing with you all more makeup, skincare and perhaps a few drawings here and there if I can finally put down on paper what is in my head.

For any new readers today who have accidentally stumbled across my blog, just like what happened to me two years ago with a number of blogs and have liked what they have seen and read and perhaps are thinking of writing their own I can only say one thing; do it.

Be creative, let others inspire you, read, write, draw and interact. I guarantee that you’ll find a few friends along the way too.