Bookshelf #1


Whilst I was at university my reading habits dropped dramatically, I went from reading what I wanted to read where magical beings in ancient worlds roamed to sinister murders on the streets of Whitechapel to reading texts on river management, ecology and soil. Let’s just say my enthusiasm died just a little therefore after finishing university last June I found myself with a huge stack of books that I had purchased over the last three years that had gone unread; time to get busy!

Having had an e-reader last year I must admit I have being reading a few e-books on the sly ever since yet there is no denying that you just cannot beat a physical book in your hand. This year I’m planning on making my way through many of the above titles and more, I want to slip back into the book worm that I once was as that was a true escapism for me that I used to crave and most of all love.

Currently I’m reading Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings which is the second book in the series. I would be so interested to hear what you are reading at the moment and if you have any recommendations then please do leave them below.