Autumn with Liz Earle

Liz Earle Skincare
Liz Earle Skincare

Now here’s a brand that’s close to my heart.

Just this week it seems as though the weather has taken a strong sharp turn where the cold blast really is being felt, therefore I like nothing more than coming home and running a nice hot bath where I can then take off my make up and dig out my pyjamas. Of course settling down for the evening makes me think of one brand and one brand only; Liz Earle.

Being interested in skincare and make up means that I come across a variety of different brands on a weekly basis, therefore for a brand to firmly stick in my mind and to be one that I always return back to says something loud and clear. Liz Earle was one of the first brands that I discovered through blogging and has been one that I have continued to use ever since.

Over two years ago now I made my first purchase from Liz Earle which was the infamous Cleanse and Polish that I had read so many reviews on. Since that day I have repurchased it for myself, popped one in a give away and have even managed to get my mum on the bandwagon; it’s safe to say I’m a huge fan of the brand. Ever since my first delve into the botanical brand I have tried a few more things which have only confirmed to me that this will be a skin care brand that I continue to purchase from. Where in fact just yesterday I decided to repurchase the Skin Boost Tonic which I love, along with a couple of other things for Christmas, one which may or may not be for one of you guys reading this right now; stay tuned.

The Cleanse and Polish is a long term product now within my skin care routine, as I mentioned it is one that I always go back to and it’s the one that I find myself comparing a lot of things to as my bench mark product. Along with this I have also being trying the Skin Repair Moisturiser* for normal/combination skin which is where my skin type would fit as I have areas of dehydration along with oily areas too. Whilst I haven’t being using this that long I have to say so far so good as I’m finding it to work very well for me thus far. I’ll be returning back to this at a later date in order to share with you my overall thoughts.

Of course Liz Earle do not just deal with skin care as there is a beautiful selection of make up ranging from bases to blushers to eye shadows and nail polishes. The Healthy Glow Cream Blush* in the shade Nectar is a beautiful coral pink which is a dream to work with and glides onto the skin and blends perfectly. There are currently six shades within the range of which I have to say I’m quite keen on the sound of the palest option in which Camellia is described as a ‘barely there’ blush. Onto eyes the Signature Eye Colour* in Bronze has hints of gold within it which looks really nice against blue eyes. The pigmentation is very good and I find that they blend really well too, in fact I think if Liz Earle were to offer a little eye palette I would be very tempted.

Liz Earle recently launched a few new products within their bath and body range of which the Tiare and Jasmine range appeals to me most. Their original range however features the Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash* which to me smells incredibly relaxing, almost medicinal in a way which I find makes it perfect to use of an evening time just before bed.

After referring a friend a while back (my mum) I was sent a little treat as part of the Liz Earle refer a friend scheme which consisted of a number of mini hands and feet products. The Hand Repair Cream has already become a friend in my hand bag and is incredibly handy (excuse the pun) in the cold weather as my hands can become really dry; this is really helping to keep them in a much better condition.

Overall a little bit of an ode to Liz Earle here but one that is most truly justified. It’s rare to come across a brand that ticks all of the boxes so it makes me pretty happy when I do.