Just last week I made my first online
order from The Little Deer, if you haven’t come across the website before then
I highly recommend making a pit stop there as they sell some truly beautiful
things from a range of designers across the UK. I initially headed onto the
website for a little browse as you do which of course resulted in a few things
being added to my virtual basket.

The first item that I fell for was the Purple Druzy
 on a silver chain by
the brand Delilah Dust. I have wanted one of these for a little while but had
held off until last week for a reason unknown to me. All I can say is that I’m
thrilled with my purchase as the necklace is truly lovely, I can’t wait to wear
it now with a nice sheer white blouse. Due to the naturally formed stones each
one will vary slightly from the image above and indeed the images online, I
like this though as they’re all a little bit unique for each individual that
wears them.

Being the stationary obsessive that I’ve
always been I just couldn’t leave the checkout without including this beautiful Constellations
 by Nikki Strange.
The notebook looks gorgeous on the website but in your hands it is somehow even
more beautiful, I’m absolutely in love with this and indeed the rest of the
Nikki Strange range.