Loving Lately: Lip Products

Top Lip Products

Before I started blogging I was partial to the odd lip balm or two however I had never really delved into the world of lipsticks as to be quite honest I was rather intimidated by them. Fast forward two years on where I find myself totting up quite the MAC lipstick wish list along with an overflowing lip crayon pot, what has overcome me I will never know.

Of course there will always be certain products that I will pick up more often than others therefore today I thought I would share with you my current top five lip products that I’ve being using pretty frequently over the last two months. 

First of all I have being trying to use up my LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub as it is pretty much out of date now however I hardly seem to be making a dent in it. I plan on buying a new one next time I go into LUSH or even making an attempt to make my own, I could then re-use the little pot like the good eco warrior that I am. This has been the perfect product to help rid my lips of any dead skin cells which can leave your favourite lipstick looking horrendous if your lips are not prepared, particularly if it is quite a dry formula.

Next up I’ve being really enjoying my Nuxe Réve de Miel Lip Balm ever since I purchased it last year. Using this at night time has helped to improve the dryness that I suffer with on my lips however I do feel that it is a bit too heavy for day time use. The hunt still continues for the perfect day time lip balm for under my lipstick.

In terms of lipsticks I’ve being wearing three in particular, all of which are different shades which is quite nice as this has allowed me to mix things up a little bit. The 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive was quite the blogger favourite when I first started reading and writing blog posts. Originally picking this up because of the hype I wasn’t quite sure what to expect however it did not leave me disappointed. It’s a really pretty nude shade that is highly moisturising however unfortunately it’s not very long lasting. To be honest this doesn’t bother me too much as it isn’t very expensive, furthermore because of the moisturising factor this tends to be something I would go for over longevity anyway.  Since I purchased this and another since the packaging has changed which slightly upsets me as I’m a huge fan of the garish shiny blue! 

Branching out from a nude I have being wearing the No7 Lip Crayon in Tickle quite a bit too. This is a really pretty orange shade that can be worn easily throughout the day as it isn’t too bright at all; in fact it’s actually really subtle adding just that hint of orange. 

My most recent addition to my lipstick collection is the Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Pink Flush. This holds a special place in my heart seeing as it was a gift off my mom therefore originally I tried not to wear this too much however that didn’t quite go to plan as it is just too pretty not to wear it.