Recent Purchases #1

Recent Purchases

It’s been quite a while since I posted about anything new that I had purchased therefore I thought I would share with you today my most recent purchases, none of which resulted from the Boots 3 for 2. I’m just as amazed as you are, trust me.

Most of you will probably be drawn to the NARSissist Palette which I told myself upon launch that I would not buy due to the absolutely eye watering price. To be honest I was very lucky in that I had an ASOS voucher to use which brought the price of this down to £30, this for me was a lot easier to swallow and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to pick it up that cheap anywhere else was enough for me to place the order. At the moment I’m going to hold off talking about this too much because it really does deserve a post dedicated to it. 

The next three products are courtesy of Rebecca at Fashion Train as I was so shocked to find out that I had won her Escentual give away a few weeks ago, thank you so much Rebecca! Through this I was able to order a couple of things that I had being wanting to try for quite a while. First up was the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which I can confirm is pretty darn good however I do still hold a soft spot for the buffing brush. The second product I picked up was the La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel which happens to be a repurchase for me. Just over two years ago I purchased my first products from La Roche Posay whereby this cleansing gel happened to be one of them. At the time I really enjoyed using this and have ever since missed it being within my skincare routine, looking back I’m not entirely sure why it has taken me so long to pick it up again. 

For a long while now the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner had been on my skincare wish list but sadly due to the price I had refrained from picking it up, however with the remainder of the Escentual voucher I finally decided to order it. In all honestly I really did feel that my skin would benefit from an exfoliating toner because it had being looking so dull and lifeless. After just one week of using it I can happily report that the toner has already started to help improve the overall appearance and surface of my skin. I’m thoroughly enjoying using this product at the moment.

Last but not least whilst in Boots I spotted a clearance stand which of course I was drawn to like a moth to a flame. Upon this stand I spotted the Avene Cleanance Emulsion which is a light moisturiser aimed at those with oily skin. I’m not entirely sure as to why this product was on the clearance stand; perhaps the packaging will be changing because I noticed that the same happened with a lot of Soap and Glory products late last year. For now I have decided not to break the seal on this because I’ve decided to save it for the warmer summer months.

On a side note I would just like to pass on my thank you to all of the comments I have received lately. I will be replying to you all asap!