Body Care Treats

When it comes down to moisturising my body I have to admit that it is something that I fall down on quite often. I’m one of those people that likes to get ready as quick as possible after a bath or shower and therefore has no time to wait for body lotions or body butters to sink in. At the start of the year I decided that this had to stop, I needed to start taking better care of my skin even if it wasn’t on show (like my face) I still had to look after myself.

In general when I look at my general body care routine I’ve always been one to exfoliate as this is something that is quite easily carried out in the bath or shower yet the second part of the process is something I have struggled with, which in all honesty has been down to sheer impatience. So to tackle my issue I decided to knuckle down and start looking after myself; ‘my body is a temple’ and all that. 

First of all I have over the last few months being using a dry brush technique. This supposedly helps to get circulation going within the skin which in turn can help in reducing the appearance of cellulite, whether it works or not I don’t know as to be honest I can’t say that I have seen a huge difference in that area. Of course it doesn’t take a genius to know that dry brushing will help remove dead skin cells leaving brighter and smoother skin, as well as this it also helps with in grown hairs which can be quite annoying! The brush I use is from the Boots Botanics range and isn’t very expensive to buy at all however unlike me I advise not getting it wet because I had to unfortunately replace mine due to the wood turning a very suspicious colour.

Whilst in the bath or shower I like using an exfoliating scrub, there’s just something really nice about them. which makes me feel like I’m doing something proactive for my skin. My all-time favourite has to be Soap and Glory ‘The Breakfast Scrub’ however my current option is again from Boots with this being the Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub from the Extracts range, which in my opinion is lovely and deserves more attention than it gets. This brand appears to be being revamped at the moment as a lot of the products were reduced down in my local store, the new images online would also suggest this. Generally speaking I tend to not dry brush and then go ahead and use a scrub too, I find that can be a little harsh on my skin so I very often find myself alternating between the two.

For moisturising I have being using two products with my current choice depending on my mood at the time. The SPAtopia Body Butter is incredibly moisturising so this is the product I tend to choose when my skin is quite dry; I mentioned this back in my September Favourites last year. For occasions when I’m feeling a little more adventurous (readers of my blog will know I’m generally not a fan of lotions) I will opt for the Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Lotion which I’m going to surprise even myself today by saying that I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s a nice light and hydrating body lotion that smells so good, let’s face it, most things do by this brand.

What are your body care treats?