Steam Cream Always

Steam Cream is a brand that has intrigued me for a rather long time due to a few reasons. Firstly the name of the product is rather interesting and suggests a process a bit more unusual and secondly the visual appeal of all the various designs of the packaging has on more than one occasion had me browsing the website. In all honesty though I didn’t really know what the actual product itself was really about until I was kindly offered the chance to try the limited edition Steam Cream Always* tin.

The process for producing Steam Cream requires steam which some of you may have already guessed. Freshly handmade high quality ingredients are used in conjunction with a shot of steam to produce a light and gentle moisturiser that can be used on the face and body which is suitable for all skin types. Many products on the market use a combination of complex molecules which bind the ingredients together which can in turn make them quite heavy when applied to the skin yet through this method of using steam the molecules within Steam Cream are much lighter therefore they can penetrate into the skin much easier.

Over the last month I have being trying out the Steam Cream Always which pays homage to one of the key ingredients Steam Cream use for those with sensitive skin; lavender. Lavender is used because it helps to balance and sooth the skin as well as acting as a natural antiseptic. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect having never tried anything like this before yet I have been really satisfied with the results so far. I have mainly being using this on my hands at night time because I suffer with dry hands quite a lot. Just before I go to bed I like to pop some of this on whereby it absorbs quite quickly without leaving a greasy feeling afterwards, with the additional hint of lavender this makes it an ideal product to use at night time due to the relaxation properties associated with the scent.

A little goes quite a long way so I wouldn’t let the price put you off in anyway as at £12.95 it doesn’t initially appear like you get much for your money however I’m pretty certain that I will buy one of these in the future; I can’t help but feel really tempted to pick up the Cancer Zodiac designs which is gorgeous to look at.

Once I’ve used this up I’ll be saving the tin to store a few trinkets in, at the moment I’m thinking earrings but if you have any other ideas then please do let me know in the comments below.

Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

*PR Sample.