Birmingham Blogger Meet Up

Birmingham Blogger Meet Up
Birmingham Blogger Meet Up LUSH
Birmingham Blogger Meet Up LUSH 2014
Birmingham Blogger Meet Up 2014
Birmingham Blogger Meet Up 2014 LUSH

On the 1st of June I finally attended my first blogger event which was held in Birmingham and had been arranged by the lovely Paige and Jess. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous however on the morning I woke up not very well which completely distracted me from the nerves because I was feeling so sorry for myself. There was however no way that I was going to cancel, despite being so nervous I was also really looking forward to it.

I arrived in town with an hour to spare so I had a browse in Urban Outfitters, Boots and of course Waterstones. At 12pm I went off to meet the girls, at this moment I was feeling quite insecure, I’d never met any of them before other than to chat to them on twitter which is wonderful but it’s very different when you meet somebody in person. Looking back I’m not sure why I was so worried as everyone was so lovely and really easy to talk to. Once we had all met up we all ventured off to Ming Moon which is a Chinese restaurant that had an incredible buffet on; I’m regretting not going back for seconds! At the table waiting for us there was a bag full of goodies that the girls had arranged for us, a huge thank you to you both and of course the brands that got involved. I’m super excited to try the FruitBroo Ice Teas, they sound delicious!

Whilst at Ming Moon there was a guest speaker in the shape and form of Kirsty Lo from Take Me Out. She spoke all about Motive Cosmetics which was really quite interesting, especially because I hadn’t heard of the brand before. After we had eaten we all headed off to go shopping in Selfridges which was made even more exciting by being with a group of beauty bloggers; I’m normally on my own or with my Mum when I go into Selfridges so being with a group of people with as much enthusiasm for beauty as me was pretty great and also quite dangerous for the old bank account.

I’m quite proud of myself as on the day I didn’t buy any make up what so ever, my downfall was indeed skincare whereby the Kiehl’s counter suddenly became lethal. I will however leave that for another day and move swiftly onto the tour at LUSH whereby the Birmingham LUSH crew put on a really nice tour for us along with various demonstrations and talks on a variety of different products. I have to say that I learnt so much about the products at LUSH and have since made a wish list as long as my arm of things that I wish to try in the future; the Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lipstick in Perspective will be mine very soon. Upon leaving just after 6pm I was kindly given a bag of goodies to take home with me which included the Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion, the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub and the King of Skin Body Butter which looks amazing from the demonstration we had from the lovely Claire. Once again a huge big thank you to LUSH Birmingham for your kindness and sheer enthusiasm for your products; I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Overall I had such a wonderful day; it was a pure pleasure to meet so many new people who have the same interests as me. A huge thank you to Sarah, Clare, Jess, Paige, Aimee, Vanessa, Kirsty, Talia, Sophie, Hayley, Sam, Sarah and Rachel for making my first blogger event a pretty good one!