Holland and Barrett Big Beauty Swap

Image source: Holland and Barrett.

Holland and Barrett is a store that I find myself always popping into whilst I’m in town due to their wide range of rather niche products. Where I currently live there really isn’t any other store quite like it so I do rather enjoy going in for a browse; this may also have something to do with a certain raspberry chocolate liquorice log that they sell which is incredible!

This high street name is Europe’s leading retailer of Minerals, Herbal Supplements and Vitamins whereby with over 80 years of experience within the health supplement industry this has enabled the brand to offer a wide range of natural health food products. Of course Holland and Barrett do not just sell health foods and vitamins; they also sell quite a variety of beauty products which is music to my ears. In their commitment to natural beauty products Holland and Barrett banned all products that contain chemical preservatives such as sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) and parabens five years ago; this is super handy if you’re looking to buy these types of products as you know when you go into store that you will find them.

Therefore if you’re a fan of natural beauty products or are looking to try them out then the current campaign from Holland and Barrett may just interest you. The Big Beauty Swap will be running from the 23rd May to 11th June and is aiming to encourage customers to swap their beauty products from home for more natural alternatives. At the moment there is 25% off all beauty products on the Holland and Barrett website whereby this is also being endorsed in store; you can also take your old products to the store where they will be recycled at the retailers distribution plant (this last fact pleases the environmental management student in me to no end).

After having a look myself at what is on offer I have to say there are some pretty good things to be had. The blogger favourite Trilogy Rosehip Oil is currently reduced as well as the Dr Bronner Liquid Soap which so many use to clean their make up brushes. It’s worth having a look online as they sell so many more brands than I had originally thought; happy shopping!

*Sponsored Content. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I will most certainly be picking up some of the liquid soap for my brushes, there is after all only so much baby shampoo I can handle.