A Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

This Sunday I will reach the grand old age of 25. I’m trying to embrace it the best I can but my word folks I feel as though my life is racing on ahead yet I’m still stuck at 20 trying to figure out where I’m heading next. On Sunday though I’m going to try and put all this behind me, even if it is just for a day so I can enjoy myself and also watch the Wimbledon final as well as the British Grand Prix; oh how exciting of me! I’m sure many of you think that’s rather boring of me yet aside from this blog I’m a huge sport fan (if you follow me on twitter you will already know this) so actually it’s a pretty great day for me.

I’ve had my eye on a few things that I would like for my birthday this year, of which it is surprising that only one is make up related. This year I would really like a pair of white Converse as they are so nice for the summer time, they’re also my favourite pair of shoes to wear so this makes even more sense. Another item that I’ve had my eye on is one of the leather bracelets from Pandora. Last Christmas a friend from work had one of these as a present and I have to say it looked really nice; ever since that day it has remained in my mind.

The little bird trinket dish is an item that caught my eye from the site Gifts and Pieces. The website has so many beautiful things that I could have easily have made an entire wish list with just items from that site. The Fine Feathers Ceramic Scalloped Dish though is something I could make real use of as at the moment my jewellery tends to be just lying around on my desk when I take it off; this must change. I also really like the Unicorn Jewellery Dish as it is that little bit different, which one do you think?

The Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour Lipsticks are divine in every sense of the word. At the moment I own one which was a gift back in January however I would really like to add another to my collection. The shade ‘rosy’ is one that I’ve had my eye on ever since Jenny featured it on her blog a while back which was the shade I was quite firmly set on however I have since found ‘peachy’ which I think also looks beautiful.

Olivia Burton watches have stolen my heart ever since I first discovered them last year where at the moment I can safely say that I have about four that I would like to eventually buy. I’m a huge fan of watches and feel really lost without one on, at the moment my favourite watch is broken *cry* which I have to go and get fixed soon. The Olivia Burton Moulded Bee Navy and Rose Gold is a new release in my favourite design, this is also available in black with a gold face whilst the new release is navy with a rose gold face. Readers of my blog will know just how much I like bees so it’s only natural for me to be lured to this particular watch, it is simply stunning!