A Pandora Fairy Tale

Pandora Fairy Tale Charm
Pandora Fairy Tale Book Charm

Once upon a time….

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Jokes aside fairy tales were a big part of my childhood; I loved my Disney films (and still do) and was easily captured by talking animals, magic, fairies and romance even at that young age. Whilst I’m a lot older now and I should hope a little wiser I do now know that there are no fairies at the bottom of my garden and I’m pretty certain that my cat Oliver can’t utter a syllable therefore all of those childhood dreams and visions were just that, although J K Rowling still to this day keeps the magic in my heart.

A little while ago now I was kindly sent the Pandora Once Upon A Time Charm* from Argento which is online jewellery department store. This was incredibly kind of them, especially because I’ve such passion for jewellery, intricate feminine designs are my favourite types of jewellery to wear whereby in contrast I tend to go for slightly more masculine style watches, which does somewhat contradict my Olivia Burton purchase back in July.

I chose this charm because of what it resembled to me at this present time in my life. Yes I love fairy tales, what female doesn’t? Deep down however sometimes we have to be a little more realistic in life and realise that actually fairy tales might not be as straight forward as they had once seemed when we were younger, after all reading about damsels in distress and ogres winning the girl along with the aid of his trusty talkative sidekick donkey (I knew animals could talk) isn’t a reflection on real life.

Over the last year my life got turned upside down for a few reasons which pretty much ripped apart my own personal fairy tale. It has taken a long time to be remotely happy again and if I’m honest with you I’m not there yet, I’m trying to re-build my fairy tale once again even if it a little bit different to the norm. I guess in a way I see this charm as a symbol of hope, hope that one day I will be properly happy again. I’m trying not to get too deep and emotional on here as I do like to keep my private life private, it is after all that word for a reason however because my blog means so much to me and it is something I’m constantly seeking to improve and have people relate to it can’t hurt to include a more personal post once in a while.

Planning this post felt a little odd as in all honesty I didn’t know how to really get my words out. I’m much more used to talking about lipstick, blushers and perfume so this particular post was more than a step out of my comfort zone. In the end I decided to just write what I thought and felt and then check for any fundamental errors afterwards; I sure do hope it make some sense to you.

Pandora bracelets and charms can be purchased from Argento.