The Muji Files | Part 2

Muji Files 2

Roughly one month ago I decided to share with you my make up collection in a roundabout way. Like most people I store my make up in Muji, it’s practical, easy to keep clean and looks relatively nice too so long as in my opinion you don’t go too high. At the moment I have six draws and if I’m honest it’s too much for me, I wish I had stuck to just four however I’m sure I will have no problem in finding another use for them in the near future; I’m thinking jewellery or possibly a few nick knacks that I have floating around.

The Muji Files Part 1 featured my base products whereby my foundations, concealers and primers were all discussed. Today however I’m going to share with you my eye shadow products that I use, of which I use some more regularly than others. Starting off with my eye shadow primer I’m currently using the Lancôme La Base Paupières (Long Wear Eye Shadow Base) which I find to work very well in keeping my eye shadow in place throughout the day. As well as this I also have a mini sample set from Urban Decay which came with my Naked 1 palette however I’m yet to try those.

Next up I have two Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Paints which are incredible for the price. It was way back in February when I originally posted about these whereby I have continued to use them quite regularly since, although I must admit I opt for rich russet considerably more than golden bronze. Upon overview of this image I have realised I have missed my Maybelline Colour Tattoo which was a complete oversight as that is probably my most used product to date; it was probably lying around somewhere having being used that morning. My one other individual eye shadow is the Nude Swings Eye Shadow* from Benefit which is a lovely champagne shade however I must admit I don’t wear it much at all as I use my palettes most days which tend to have something similar within them.

Onto quite possibly my favourite make up products; palettes! Palettes are generally quite pleasing to the eye which is partly why I love them so much, this is a far cry from how I used to feel about them as believe it or not I used to dislike palettes as I found them to be too bulky for my personal use. Fast forward on a few years give or take and my opinion has changed dramatically as I now really like them and tend to shy away from individual eye shadows; hence why I now only own two. Only one palette featured here was purchased by myself so starting off with the NARSissit Palette I managed to pick this up from ASOS whilst I had a voucher; this made quite an expensive purchase much more bearable. Sticking with NARS I also own the limited edition Fairy’s Kiss Palette which my mum bought for me as a Christmas present last year; I have to say I use this one a lot more than the NARSissit Palette.

Finally I’m going to round off with my Urban Decay Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes of which the first one I won from the lovely Laura and my second was a birthday gift from my mum. These despite being from the same brand are quite different where I have to say I think my preference lies with the first one of the series as the tones are much warmer. The packaging however in my opinion could be so much better as I don’t like the fact that the velvet case picks up the slightest hint of fluff, meaning that the sellotape comes out a bit too often for my liking.

So there we have it, an insight into my eye shadow collection. Since photographing this image back in September I’ve since picked up the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette which is utterly beautiful however in my personal opinion I’ll go out on a limb here and say that if I had to pick any it would be the Urban Decay Naked 1; it is for me so far unbeatable in terms of value for money and quality.

Don’t forget to check out the first in the series, The Muji Files Part 1 if you missed it!

What are your favourite eye shadow palettes?