Recently Recycled #2

Recently Recycled

Back in the summer I made it a priority of mine to ensure I started to use up the many lotions and potions that I had before I opened up any new ones to try. Being a beauty blogger primarily this was quite hard in theory as despite wanting to find and stick to a routine that works for me I’ve often always found myself wanting to try something new. Having said that in 2014 I found my outlook on skincare items changing somewhat as whilst I will always enjoy trying out new things I did find myself becoming a little overwhelmed with the sheer amount of products floating around. I found it excessive, overwhelming and to be quite honest a little chaotic therefore I slimmed it right down. By putting products out of sight in boxes hidden away this allowed me to set my focus upon using a few products rather than having a mixture of things to choose from. My point to all of this waffle is that by sticking to just a few products this allowed me to use them up a lot quicker, it also allowed me to gain a much thorough insight as to how the products worked for me over not just two months but over six or seven.

A frequent visitor to this type of post is the Batiste Dry Shampoo of which I feel no need to speak about any more; you all know the drill where this is concerned. The incredibly popular Bioderma Micelle Solution* was something I really wanted to try whereby in the end  it did live up to expectations although to this day I’d still argue the Garnier offering is much better overall. Back in June I put together a post on my thoughts between the two in the ultimate match of Garnier vs Bioderma; check it out for a more in-depth review.

Effaclar Duo + was released this year and once again became quite the topic amongst skincare lovers. Having struggled with the original formula I’m not entirely sure why I decided to purchase the new formulated version, all I know is that I’m glad I did as it worked really well for me. At the moment I’m trialling out the new La Roche-Posay 3 Step Anti Blemish System* so keep an eye out in the new year for my thoughts on that.

Last year I shared with you my thoughts on the REN Hydra Calm Global Protection Day Cream* which was something I really enjoyed using, particularly at times when my skin was feeling fragile and was having one of its moments. Whilst I did like this I don’t know if it would be something I would purchase in the future as I think now one year on that there are other moisturisers that are just as good for a fraction of the price. If however you’re keen on reading more about this then head on over to my review of the REN Global Protection Day Cream*, just please excuse my poor photographs!

Lastly I have two products from HealGel of which both were products that I really enjoyed, particularly HealGel Face which to this day remains the nicest product I have ever put on my face. HealGel Face* is a moisturiser which I felt really did help to improve the appearance of my skin along with helping to improve considerably any dehydration that I suffer from. HealGel Eye* as the name would suggest is the equivalent but for under the eye area. Whilst I really liked both of these it was HealGel Face which I fell for the most; it truly was a beautiful product. I’ve never really felt too sad about reaching the end of a product before yet I have to say where this was concerned I really was.

Other mentions go out to the L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo, The Body Shop White Musk Shower Gel and the Superfacialist Facial Wash, all of which were products that I really liked but ended up looking a little bit too gross to photograph.