Beautiful Bedrooms #1

Beautiful Bedrooms

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For a while now I have wanted to take A Little Boat Sailing into a slightly different direction; by no means does this mean that I will stop blogging about beauty. My beauty content will still be of a top priority however you will start seeing a few snippets of interior inspired posts here and there over the coming weeks. Where has this come from you might ask? Well, it has been on my mind for a while now where it has become even more evident since moving house. I’ll be aiming to start decorating my bedroom around the end of June once my exams are all over and done with so until then I’ll be looking for inspiration and ideas.

Pinterest without a doubt is my first point of call for this, not only are there some fantastic home ideas there’s also a huge array of beauty content which is how I first stumbled across it. Over the last few weeks I’ve being pinning ideas a lot, particularly those that are interior orientated; in fact I now have that many running around in my head that maybe I should stop pinning and narrow it down to a select few in order to work from. 

Like a lot of people these days I’m in love with the aesthetic appeal of white however I really don’t want my bedroom to feel clinical, I still want it to feel relaxing and comforting at the same time therefore I’m looking for things that incorporate both aspects. My Beautiful Bedrooms board on Pinterest is full of a combination of relaxing bedrooms as well as those which are more vibrant with bold statements of colour here and there. I’m still unsure as to what to go for ultimately as a nice refreshing bedroom that provokes energy in the form of bright colours is also quite appealing therefore I’m working towards trying to achieve a good balance between the two. 

Of the images I’ve selected above I find it really hard to choose an ultimate favourite here although the second one that I found from Urban Outfitters alongside the bedroom from Lonny are both right up there. Both have a laid back style although it’s clear that the design from Lonny is more traditional in comparison to the somewhat boho vibe that I get from the candle lit bedroom featured on Urban Outfitters. 

Have you decorated recently or are you looking to have a bedroom re-vamp? I currently have red and gold walls from the previous occupiers so I’m itching to pick up the wallpaper scraper asap!

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