Creating A More Relaxing Space

Creating A More Relaxing Space

Tranquillity for me has been something I have strived to achieve within my bedroom for a very long time. It is, after all the room where I spend most of my time, therefore I really wanted to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. I have been very much inspired by beauty bloggers throughout my decorating process, there is no denying this. Over the last year or more I have come to adore the crisp white surroundings and well thought out ornamental pieces. 

Whilst I am not ready to feel like I am walking into Alaska just yet I do find that white d├ęcor adds a really refreshing vibe to a room; it is a stark contrast to the harsh red and gold walls that I have being waking up to for the last five months. Currently there is still plenty of work for me to be doing as I am in the process of finishing painting the walls as well as picking out new curtains, however having reached the point of having purchased some new furniture I already feel so much calmer; not least because I finally have a wardrobe to put my clothes in.

In attempting to create a more relaxing space I have quite clearly aimed for a white bedroom whereby the general theme for my room will ultimately be white and grey along with slight elements of colour here and there. I have already purchased some prints which I hope to pop up on the walls soon in order to soften the room slightly. Alongside trinkets and my jewellery box I think things are starting to already look pretty and feminine yet still minimalistic, this for me is fundamental as I am a person that is easily stressed out by clutter.

Naturally the added element of copper has not escaped my notice, it sure is popular at the moment and I can understand why. Visually it is very beautiful and it also goes perfectly well with my white theme that I am slowly creating. The Copperfield Desk Lamp* will actually be going on my bedside table as it will be ideal for when I am reading at night time. Despite being a huge bookworm I have admittedly over the last three years struggled to read more than five books a year. To physically write that down upsets me in more ways than one as I truly believe reading opens up new means of escape, plus, I really enjoy settling down and sinking into a good book.

Creating A More Relaxing Space

My room not only acts as a place to sleep but also a place to blog. My desktop PC is set up at my desk where for the longest time I had being using a straight forward dining room chair to sit on, which I have to say wasn’t very comfortable at all; in fact it was anything but relaxing. Homebase however came to my rescue and now what with the introduction of the Hygena Charlie Chair* I find myself blogging in comfort at my desk.

There is still a long way to go as decorating isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when you’re doing it on your own however so far I am pretty happy with the way things are turning out. It is funny how much a room can get you down when it isn’t to your taste, it had become a room which I didn’t like to be in and I had found myself irritated by the fact that I couldn’t, for a long time do much about it.

Ultimately creating a more relaxing space all comes down to personal taste. Over the next few months I am looking forward to making the most out of my bedroom in terms of decoration. I am also hoping that now the room is much brighter that I will hopefully have a little more success with my photographs for blogging purposes as the light will be reflected more around the room instead of being absorbed by the darker walls.

How do you make your surroundings more relaxing?