September Beauty Favourites

September Beauty Favourites

September somehow disappeared right before my eyes this year. As the month started I had so many plans and goals that I was aiming to achieve, however it is safe to say that they fell by the way side. As we head into the start of a brand new week I thought it would be quite nice to look back at some of my beauty favourites from September.

Kate Spade 2016 Planner

Quite simply I blame this purchase on Nikki over at The Lunar Lights who not only has a gorgeous instagram account but also has great taste in stationary. Whilst this planner is quite expensive I found myself justifying it quite easily because it will last me the whole of next year and the remainder of this year too. From a very early age I was always incredibly excited about stationary, I distinctly remember each year before school re-started in September I would head off and buy a new pencil case and pens; needless to say I haven’t grown up much in that respect. My planner was purchased from Magpie Decor which stocks an array of gorgeous stationary.

Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh

Marc Jacobs fragrances are incredibly beautiful to look however not all of the scents in the past have appealed to me. Eau So Fresh however has always been the one that I had hoped to purchase one day, I find it much lighter in comparison to Daisy meaning that over the summer it has become one of my favourite scents to wear. Out of all my fragrances that I own I would have to say that this is the one which stands out from the rest as the floral and fruity notes are quite different to the wood notes I tend to favour. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush on Glow BB Highlight*

A couple of weeks ago I posted all about Make Up on the Go in which I was kindly provided with a few products to try in order to produce the post.
The Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush on Glow BB Highlight wasn’t something that I expected to love however it has fast become my most reached for product of a morning. It is so incredibly easy to use and acts not only as a great highlight but it also packs pretty great coverage too making it for me a fantastic multipurpose product.

Clarins Instant Concealer 

The Clarins Instant Concealer was a product I picked up about a month ago and ever since it has been a product that I have used daily. Since receiving the Estee Lauder BB Highlight I have found that I haven’t needed to use both products of a morning therefore I find myself alternating between the two depending on how much time I have. This offering from Clarins really is great and if I had to be picky I would say that this is more hydrating under the eye in comparison to the Estee Launder BB Highlight, although having said that I don’t think it provides as much coverage.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick – Rose Tweed

Moving onto my final beauty favourite for September I have chosen the Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in the shade Rose Tweed. This shade had been on my list for a while however it had always been quite hard to find in my local Boots stores. When this line originally launched a few years ago it was one that immediately caught my eye, in fact Peche Cosy became my summer lipstick back then however this year I am really enjoying wearing a mauve toned lip, especially now we are officially in autumn. 

What have been your beauty favourites throughout September?