The Laura Mercier Base

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation and Primer

The quest for a perfect foundation base is one that seems to be never ending. In the past I have found numerous foundations that I have loved, yet I have never quite found ‘the one’. Now, I believe it is a big claim to say that I have found the one, however I do think that the duo I have here today is pretty up there.

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Laura Mercier. For over a year now I have used the original Silk Crème Foundation which I have praised over and over, yet when I found out that that formula was being discontinued to make way for a new formulation I must admit that I was more than a little apprehensive. The original Silk Crème Foundation was thick, thicker than most foundations I owned yet it never felt heavy on the skin and always left a beautiful finish with relatively high coverage to boot. 

With the release of the Laura Mercier Silk Crème Photo Edition Foundation* there are now two options, that being moisturising and oil free. Knowing that my skin type tends to veer towards the more oily side of things I decided to opt for the oil free version. For me this new version is quite different to that of the original however this does not mean it is bad, in fact I honestly believe it is an improvement on what was already a very good product.

In terms of texture and pigmentation this foundation is still as good as the original, the coverage is still high and you still only need to use a tiny amount. The difference that I have noticed is that the foundation is not as thick as it used to be, however for me this is an improvement as it makes blending the product easier. Whilst I have always loved this foundation in general the only issue I ever had was that it required a little more blending than others; this for me has since been eradicated what with the new formula being a bit thinner. Despite this the pigmentation is still second to none and it still has the really nice scent that I am used to. 

One other main point I feel is worth mentioning is that the shade range is slightly different to the original. Therefore I do recommend being colour matched again, even if you do know your shade from the original formula as I was one shade lighter in the new version compared to the original; for reference I use shade rose ivory. 

In respect of longevity this is what brings me nicely onto the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. Again this is a product which comes in either oil free or normal in which on this occasion I have just the original. It was a little while ago now when I picked this up at Selfridges however I am pretty sure that I’ll be making a repurchase of this sometime soon. This primer works very well with all of my foundations it has to be said therefore you don’t have to use them together. Having said that these both do work very well together; hence the need for this post today. The primer helps to smooth over your skin creating almost a silk canvas for the foundation to be applied to. For me this leaves my foundation on a whole looking so much better when I have used it therefore these days I will be rarely without a primer.

With this primer in place I am pretty much set for the day in terms of my foundation; I very rarely need any touch ups and if I do it is not until around 4pm which I think is pretty good going considering I will have had my make up on since 6:30am.

Overall I really enjoy using both of these products alone, yet when they are combined it is for me somewhat a make up base made in heaven.