Favourite Eyebrow Products

Eye Brow Products

It has only been the last year where I have found myself taking care of and paying more attention to my eyebrows. They have always been quite thick and I have only ever plucked them to keep them maintained to the best of my ability, however having now experienced both waxing and threading I have seen first hand just what a difference professional shaping can do. 

Since having had my brows shaped by someone who actually knows what they are doing, I can honestly say that I now have a whole heap of enthusiasm about them, because for so long I was at a loss as I found them quite difficult to get even by myself. Over the last year I have been using a few brow products and have enjoyed using them so much more now that the shape is good, therefore I thought it was ample time that I sat down and wrote about some of my favourites. 

Eye Brow Products

There are of course many types of brow products on the market these days, although in my experience you do tend to have to shop more high end in order to find a decent shade range because I have yet to find any high street brand which offers that. From powders, pencils and gels there is something I think for everyone, it all comes down to finding out which you prefer to work with as some of them can take a little more time than others.

Eye Brow Products


Starting off with perhaps the easiest to work with I have found only one pencil that to date I have really liked, although I must admit I have not tried many of them at all. The Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil was originally a pr sample sent to me, however I have since repurchased this twice. It is a fantastic product and it is so incredibly easy to use, the only thing that let’s this down is that the shade range is extremely limited. This isn’t a warm brown at all which makes it ideal for the brows, if you haven’t yet tried this one then I would highly recommend checking it out for the price, as at £8 I think it is one of the best products that Soap and Glory have to offer. 

Whilst the next product isn’t necessarily a pencil I think this is the best category to include it within. The Suqqu Liquid Pen* is incredibly fine and precise, it is however not very pigmented (in my experience), which depending on the nature of your brows may or may not be a bad thing. For instance my brows are relatively thick, however at the ends they do need help, the same applies to the very beginning of my brows where there is one which is slightly more sparse than the other. This product is ideal for the start of my brows as it is very light and can be built up without ever going over the top. Having said that I personally wouldn’t use this for the end of my brows as I simply cannot build up the colour enough. 


When I say powder this covers the product above which is the Illamasqua Brow Cake and typically any suitable eye shadow. For me powder is probably the most natural looking, with a pencil being the second most natural. Upon comparison against the other two types of brow products that I am covering I do tend to find that powder is more difficult to be precise with, although this could be down to the tool that I am using rather than the product itself. Nevertheless there are a wide variety of options out there as more often than not you probably already have a suitable eye shadow at home which you can use for your brows, I think it is well worth looking within your make up collection before you head off to buy something specific. 


If you had asked me last year if I would have been using a brow gel for my brows I would never had believed you. Gel products have always been pretty difficult for me to use, I have almost given up with gel liner, therefore the thought of a gel brow product being able to win me over was just never on the cards. That being said since I started using the Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in ‘strike’ I have not picked up any other. This product is my all time favourite as it allows me to create a really neat finish which not only looks natural but also stays in place all day. Being a gel this is very pigmented so you do only need a small amount, although this sure does ensure that it will last you a rather long time. 

Whilst we are on the subject of brows, if you do have any recommendations for tools to use I would really like to hear them as I am looking to purchase a new make up brush for my brows specifically.