Paper Chic Co Blog Planners

Paper Chic Co Blog Planners

Anything which helps to make me somewhat more organised in life immediately gets the thumbs up from me. Believe it or not I have always been pretty organised, although as time has gone by and my life has got busier some things have not got as much attention as perhaps they have deserved. One such thing is this blog here. Looking back over the last two years I have posted relatively regularly, in fact it has only been in the last six months where I have really struggled to produce three to four posts a week, although it certainly does not help that we are still stuck in winter which has made taking photographs of an evening pretty much non-existent. 

Nevertheless in a bid to become more organised of an evening (even though I cannot take my photos until the weekend) I have started using the Paper Chic Co Blog Post Planner* which has been pretty useful so far. Paper Chic Co is a brand run by the lovely Claudia from Beauty and the Chic, I have been a long time reader of her blog so I am delighted to hear that she has expanded her horizons. She has created some fantastic blogger friendly planners alongside options for everyday life too, they are well worth looking into if, like me you could do with a bit of help planning your blog content.

From using this during the week I can sum up the post I want to write whilst relaxing elsewhere instead of being in front of my PC. Due to the fact that I work in front of a computer at work for the majority of the day, it is very rare that I will find myself at mine come the evening. Whilst I don’t write my whole post down on here I do tend to bullet point ideas, perhaps maybe even planning out how I will take my photographs on the weekend. Timing is somewhat of the essence at the moment as the short days only really give you few good hours of daylight in order to get a nice clear picture, therefore having an idea already planned out is so incredibly useful.

Claudia is working super hard on Paper Chic Co so it is only natural that I wanted to share this with you today in order to show my support. She runs a pretty fantastic beauty blog too alongside creating pretty planners so make sure you head on over to say hello.