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Highlighter Beauty Products

If you had asked me four years ago what one of my favourite make up products was then I can guarantee that I would not have even once mentioned highlight. These days, however I simply cannot get enough of the stuff.

Traditionally I have stuck to powder highlights, the reason for this being simply because I have found them much easier to use in comparison to liquid highlighters and creams. Powders allow me to have more control over the product itself and where it is placed, therefore they are naturally the options I reach for of a morning before I head off to work. 

Despite this I have recently tried some other options within my make up routine which have ultimately led to this post today. Seeing as though I now have a few options when it comes to highlighters,  I thought it would be nice to share with you a few products which may help to put the glow into your routine this spring. 

The Niod Photography Fluid is the first product I wanted to mention, however only briefly as it isn’t strictly a highlighter. Having said that it does add a rather lit within glow to your complexion when used underneath your foundation. To be honest this has replaced all of my primers currently as I think it works an absolute treat, the fact that it adds this youthful radiance to the skin is a huge bonus and is just one of the reasons why I like it so much. Being liquid based I find it very easy to use, although that is purely because I use it underneath my foundation so I tend to just apply it like a primer. 

Highlighter Beauty Products

The most recent highlight I have used is from Perricone MD, that being the No Highlighter Highlighter*. This is a rather lovely little product which is presented in a nice glass bottle. Visually it looks lovely, however having now used this I do think that it would be much more practical to be within a little tube, however I know that would be going against the general style of Perricone products. In terms of application it is quite easy to use, it comes with a doe foot applicator which I think is necessary given the way it is packaged, although if it was in a tube then I would be more than happy to use my fingers to pat this onto the tops of my cheeks. The Perricone No Highlighter Highlighter is a champagne pink in tone, making it very wearable in my opinion. It is quite natural and does not look over the top once applied, in fact I think given my experience liquid highlighters do often look a bit more natural than powders. 

Moving onto powders, the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade is a firm favourite and will continue to be so for a very long time. This is most certainly the coolest highlight I own in terms of tone, in fact it can, if you are not careful look very pale on the skin so it’s worth ensuring that you build this up gradually. 

The Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow is a duo of course, containing not just a highlight but also a bronzer too. The bronzer in this duo is really quite lovely, although I feel as though I am a bit too pale for this at the moment, having said that in a few month’s time I will be picking this up once again. The highlight however for me is the star of the show here as it is utterly beautiful and so finely milled. It really does add the most beautiful glow to the skin which just looks gorgeous. This is more of a traditional champagne tone which I think suits my skin much better in comparison to pink toned highlighters.

Highlighter Beauty Products
It feels almost wrong of me to mention very briefly the Topshop Beauty Highlight in Crescent Moon as this product is sadly discontinued. This out of my whole collection is one of the more sparkly highlights which is why I do not reach for this as often these days, having said that it is beautiful and for the price it was an absolute bargain as it has lasted me a really long time. It is a real shame that Topshop pulled this one as it is a fantastic champagne highlight.

The final product is the Glow Highlight Powder from Phee’s Makeup Tips in the original shade. Since launching Phee has released a little collection of her own highlighters and eye shadows which I keep on meaning to look into further. The Glow Highlight Powder is extremely pigmented meaning you only require a small amount to achieve a nice glow to the skin. This is most certainly a product which you could use in order to up the intensity on if you so desired.

Do you have any recommendations when it comes to highlighters?