MAC Twig Lipstick

MAC Twig Lipstick ReviewMAC Twig Lipstick Review
MAC Twig Lipstick Review

MAC Twig was a shade that I had heard and read a lot about last year due to a certain Miss Jenner, however it wasn’t until late this August when I finally decided to add it to my collection. MAC lipsticks are one of my favourite beauty products to buy. Even to this day, over four years down the line since I first purchased my very own, I still find it fun and exciting to pop in to store and select a new shade.

All of MAC’s lipsticks fall into a specific finish and category, which if you’re a MAC veteran you will know by now, however for those that are new to MAC, Twig falls into what is known as a ‘Satin’ finish. This essentially means that the pigmentation is high, they are more moisturising than lipsticks within the matte range’s and that they are generally much easier to apply due to this. Having tried both the matte and satin finishes from MAC I would most certainly agree with this consensus. 

MAC Twig in the bullet looks to me to be a rosier brown tone than it does when it is applied. That being said, it still does have a rose tone to it, I just think it leans towards the warmer end of the spectrum, even, dare I say it hinting towards a red/brown tone although not quite getting there. Perhaps that’s just my eyes as I sit down to write this post at 12:30 am, however I do think it is warmer on the lips as opposed to in the bullet. 

Like all satin finishes in my experience this lasts a couple of hours before any re-touches are needed. I personally think that this is generally good going as I rarely find any lipsticks which survive more than a few hours on me anyway. 

The one thing I would advise when searching for swatches of this online is that it is often very easily compared to the lipstick shade in Mehr which I have to say looks absolutely stunning; so much so that it is the next one on my list. That being said, be wary of this as they are very different in my opinion as Mehr from what I can see has somewhat of a berry plum tone to it, which incidentally will be awesome for this coming autumn. 

At £15.50 MAC lipsticks are not the most affordable product going, however they make a nice treat come pay day at the end of the month. 

Have you tried MAC Twig?