Recently Recycled #11

Beauty Empties

My last beauty empties post seems a long time ago, it also feels like I have been collecting this stash of beauty products in my bedroom for far too long therefore it feels good to finally share them with you and finally recycle them this week. 

I am going to hop straight into it as there is a lot to get through this time around. I find that being on a bit of a beauty ban is doing me the world of good when it comes to using up products, especially make up. 

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Conditioner 

A good while ago now I purchased the Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Conditioner and Shampoo, of which after using both products I can confirm that I am a huge fan. The conditioner is light enough to not leave your hair feeling weighed down but at the same time it provides plenty of hydration leaving you sleek and smooth locks. Having tried super cheap conditioners and more expensive alternatives like this one, I personally can see why you would opt for a pricier option. However, if push came to shove I would be more inclined to pay more for a leave in conditioner as opposed to one you wash out after five minutes. 

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

Without a doubt, I have never felt so miserable about coming to the end of a product as I have done in respect of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. I absolutely adore this scent; it is so incredibly light and refreshing; it simply oozes the scent of summer. Out of all the notes, coconut for me is the one which instantly has me hooked every time I spray it. This year I would really like to repurchase it, however it is quite expensive. 

Vichy Micellar Oil* 

My oh my it has been a rather long time since I started using this. It was probably out of date by the time I came to finish it off, however it still worked well so I kind of just went with it. You can read my full review of the Vichy Micellar Oil from a little while ago, however it goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoyed using this product and would recommend it as a fantastic option for a pre cleanse. 

Liz Earle Rose and Lavender Cleanse and Polish

Liz Earle has been a brand that I have continued to go back to time and time again. So much so that I am pretty sure I have two more Cleanse and Polish tucked away somewhere as backups! The limited edition scents that are releases each year really did fill me with intrigue, especially considering how much I enjoy using the original. That being said, this is now what must be my third limited edition scent and I can’t help feel a little bit disappointed. To me I think this boils down to two things, the first being that I love the original scent and nothing else quite compares to it. The second factor is that on all the limited editions I have used so far, I have found the texture to be thinner whereas in the original it is much thicker which I prefer. Despite my two niggles, I can’t really fault the product in terms of how it works as it still continues to effectively cleanse my skin. 

Mac Prep and Prime

Firstly, I will start off by saying that this is a super small sample therefore I can only really say what my initial thoughts were. As my first primer from MAC I wasn’t too sure what to expect, I do find that MAC can be hit and miss depending on the product. that being said, I was actually quite impressed with this and would consider purchasing the full size in the future. I did find that my makeup held up rather well with this, especially my Laura Mercier foundation which I find can cake up in certain areas. 

St Tropez Gradual Tan

Hands up who remembers when this little product had its five minutes of fame? Five minutes is all I would really give it though and that’s being nice. You essentially need three minutes of standing in the nud, slowly freezing to death mid shower whilst this supposedly works its magic. Yes it is a gradual tanner and one does not expect miracles straight away, yet overall I was left feeling a little bit deflated with this, especially having paid around £15 when it first launched. This is a product that I know I would definitely not repurchase, there surely must be better options out there. 

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher 

The Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher was a product I purchased on a whim without having read any reviews at the time. After a little mini make over at the Charlotte Tilbury counter I felt somewhat obliged to buy this. Overall it was ok and I have enjoyed using it, however I wouldn’t repurchase this as I think my next product does a much better job despite being marketed as a different makeup product entirely. The reason why I did not like this as much as I wanted to was because for one I believe the shade I had was a bit too dark for me, i also think that it didn’t do a great job at masking my dark circles, especially considering the price. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear BB Highlighter* 

This is, for me on par with Bronze Goddess. I am simply gutted that this has all been used up as I really cannot bring myself to purchase a replacement at the moment. That being said, next month I will be picking up a new one so that I can take it away on holiday with me. This is such a fantastic product which I think acts more like a concealer than a highlight. To me a highlight should have a shimmer element, which this does not, however what it does have is the ability to hide imperfections and mask my dark circles like nothing else. 

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 

Here we are again, my old friend. It’s an oldie but a goodie and one which I ramble on and on and on about. Read my full review here.

Barry M Flawless Concealer

For a budget concealer, I would never have considered Barry M, however I do urge you to try this if you want something affordable and good. Whilst it won’t cover everything, I think it does a rather nice job of evening out skin tone under your eyes; it’s not as good as the Estee Lauder option above however there is about £20 price difference. The only issue I really had with this was that as I was coming to the end of the product I found it increasingly difficult to make the most of it as much of the product stuck to the inside of the tube making it hard to actually get it onto the brush. 

L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim 

When it comes to eyeliner I am hard to please, I will admit it. The L’Oreal Super Slim liner is probably the best I have found on the high street, although I think the Soap and Glory Supercat Liner gives it a good run for its money. this is super pigmented, lasts a good while until it starts to dry up and it is very easy to use. I really adore the slim nib on this which allows me to create a nice fine line. 

Origins Plantscription AntiAging Eye Treatment 

Once again I have just a little sample but I thought I would put it in with everything else. On the face of it I think this could be a pleasant little eye cream to have in the summer, however it is not as hydrating as my beloved Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment above; will anything ever beat it?

So, there we have it, a big roundup of all of my beauty empties from the last few months. Have you spotted any of your favourites? 

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer.