Kiko Summer 2.0 Collection

Kiko Summer 2.0 Collection

There are some fantastic mid range brands available these days, one such is Kiko. I remember first stumbling across Kiko back in 2015 with the launch of their Modern Tribes Collection which, if I am honest, completely blew me away in terms of the packaging and how it was presented. After that initial experience, it has been a brand which has remained in my mind and it is a store which I always pop into when I am in Birmingham.

The limited edition Kiko Summer 2.0 Collection* landed on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago and it was love at first sight. The rose gold hues of the packaging was of course an instant hit; it is a beautiful looking collection which sits perfectly within the summer theme.

The new collection has an array of different products ranging from bronzers, blushes, mascaras, lipsticks and more. In fact, it is quite a hefty collection in my opinion so I am quite certain that there will be something for everyone within the new launch. It is a limited edition collection so if something does catch your eye I would be quick to snap it up, you just never know how long these products will be around for.

Kiko Summer 2.0 Collection

My favourite item from the collection is the most reserved in terms of colour payoff, however that is generally the point of this type of product. The PH Lip Enhancer* really did arrive at just the right time due to the fact that my beloved Dior Lip Glow had finally bit the dust so to speak the week before. I remember, back when I first started blogging that I had a similar looking lipstick from Maybelline which in fact had a very similar result in that despite the incredibly bright lipstick in the bullet the actual colour pay off was incredibly sheer but extremely hydrating. The PH Lip Enhancer has the exact same effect, which is what makes me love it so much as I absolutely adored that lipstick.

On a day to day basis I go for easy to wear lip products, ones that require very little maintenance and this is exactly what this offers to me. The colour is very sheer, even once it has adjusted to the ph of my lips, whereby after about 30 seconds I find that it leaves a really nice light pink shade which looks really pretty and natural. If you’re looking for something bold then this is not the product for you, however if you’re a fan of the Dior Lip Glow but would like something a bit more budget friendly then I would definitely consider this.

Kiko Summer 2.0 Collection

The second product is the Lips and Cheeks Two in One Matte Lipstick and Blush* which like all the lipstick products featured today has a magnetic clasp; I really like this added element as it makes the products feel that extra bit special. The shade I have above is number four which is ‘Exotic Magenta’; if the previous product offered you neutral then this offers you the complete opposite. As you can see the bullet is rounded off, which is great if you do use this as a cheek product as it is a bit easier to apply. Not so great if you use it on your lips as you will need a lip brush in order to achieve more precise application.

Despite however you choose to use this, the colour payoff is fantastic and the shade is very beautiful. Due to how bright this is I do think that it works better as a lip product as opposed to a blush. However, it does blend out very nicely so if you do opt to use it as a blush, just be mindful that the pigmentation and brightness could leave you looking more than a bit rosy quite easily if you are a bit too heavy handed.

Kiko Summer 2.0 Collection

The most unusual product is of course the Blue Lipstick*. I am all for different types of makeup and shades, but I hold my hands up and admit that I cannot and will not be pulling off a blue lipstick anytime soon. I did however, give this a go for review purposes but did find that it was quite patchy and it sadly did not apply very well at all. For the price of ¬£10.90 I would be very disappointed if I had purchased this, although, I don’t know if it is just because it is blue and perhaps something in the formula doesn’t quite work well; all I know is that it did not look good.

Kiko Summer 2.0 Collection

Baked Blushes had a bit of a revival for me last year, I picked up a few high-street ones and loved them so I was quite excited to give the Baked Blush* in ‘Coral Bay’ a whirl. It goes without saying that I once again have another blush to incorporate into my routine this summer as I love this, however it does not come without warning as this is super pigmented. A light hand is all that is needed with this as again I admit to going a bit over the top the first time I used it. Think Aunt Sally. Once you have the measure of this you will be fine. It has a rather warm glow so if you are opting to wear this shade and you have fair skin then I do encourage you to wear minimal makeup elsewhere, a nude lip for instance or just mascara on the eyes.

The final two products I have from the collection come in the form of the Highlighting Drops* of which I have both shades available. Both ‘Plushy Rose’ and ‘Golden Shell’ are visually both stunning, they have a gorgeous glow and look beautiful on the skin. The only issue I have is that Plushy Rose is just too pink for me to pull it off, in fact it is really is just too much on my skin so I am currently trying to figure out a way I could use it in the future. Golden Shell however is perfect and can either be mixed in with foundation to create a beautiful dewy glow or it can be used on its own as a designated highlight on top of the cheek bone etc.

Once again I think Kiko have managed to create an exciting new collection which ticks all of the boxes and of which also showed me that despite blue being my favourite colour, it does not look good on my face.

The Kiko Summer Collection is available on the Kiko website and of course in their select stores across the UK.

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer.