Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List


It has been ages since I put together a Christmas wish list, although this is going live a little later than I intended. I thought, seeing as though it is Christmas next week I would do a roundup of the things I would love to find under my tree this year. You never know, it might just give you a few last minute gift ideas too!

Next year I really want to try and tone up and generally become fitter and active. I used to go running but I struggle so much to be motivated, especially when I don’t get in until late of an evening. I have looked at various guides online, some can be quite expensive however, the Carly Rowena Get Gorgeous Guide seems to be one of the more reasonable ones available.

Monica Vinader jewellery is so incredibly beautiful, I will admit to having a couple of items on my wish list this Christmas and since the beginning of this year. In all honesty, I will not be receiving anything like this for Christmas, it is far too expensive, however, next year I start my Solicitor training so I might treat myself to something as a little reward for finally making it to that point. I shall see as it isn’t the most affordable line, however, some of the rings cost around £60 which isn’t too unobtainable.

Over the last couple of years, I have being repurchasing the MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve which I absolutely adore. However, I get through it so quickly, so much so that I have been thinking of investing in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush  in Mood Exposure as the colour is pretty much identical. My reason for this is that I would hope that it would last me longer, plus, due to how much I adore the blush itself I feel as though it would be a nice little luxury treat to finally have the Hourglass version.

The Rifle Paper Co Calendars are something which I do like to purchase each year, however last year I didn’t pick one up as I found out that my mum had already brought a calendar for me that Christmas. At the moment, I would really like one of these, however they are just a bit too expensive for me unfortunately this year.

If ever there was a product which has continually been on my beauty wish list, it would have to be the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. At the moment I just cannot bring myself to spend just shy of £40 on a cleansing balm, especially when I have so many cleansers to use up. That being said, I am almost out of my Elemis Cleansing Balm and really do want to have a new option soon, balms are my go to of an evening and I will be very soon without one.

I am a self-confessed mug collector. I have so many and never really hesitate at adding another one to my collection. The latest addition to that would have to be this beautiful Bella Swan Mug from Oliver Bonas, it is so pretty!

Every year I always pick up a new pair of black converse, however, for the first time in what must be six years, I haven’t made that purchase. My pair now look unbelievably shabby let me tell you.

The last item on my Christmas list would have to be the Cambridge Satchel Poppy Bag, I think this is absolutely beautiful and have done now for a while. The only thing is, I am torn between which colour I would go for as I adore both Rhubarb Red and Oxblood.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?