Urban Decay Eyeshadow Collection

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Collection

Urban Decay is without a shadow of a doubt one of my favourite brands of all time. It was, if I remember correctly, the first high end brand that I had ever experienced at around 14 years old. My first high end eyeshadow was Midnight Cowboy which I purchased in Debenhams with my best friend; I loved it. Fast forward on more years than I care to admit, it is funny that my go to eyeshadows are from the same brand I used all that time ago. The brand has evolved significantly in that time, yet the quality is still there along with the exciting new launches.

Over the last few years I have accumulated several of their most sought eyeshadow palettes, there are one or two which I would like to pick up in the future such as the Naked 3 palette, however even I have to admit that I have more than enough eyeshadow to last me a good few years.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow CollectionUrban Decay Eyeshadow Collection

The Naked 1 palette happened to not be the first palette within my collection, it was in fact the Naked 2 palette which I had first. My mom purchased this for me as my birthday present one year as at the time I much preferred the cooler tones of the palette in comparison to the Naked 1. To this day I still reach for this palette, it is a classic and I would most definitely miss this if it were not within my collection. My favourite shades from this palette are Bootycall, Chopper, Tease and YDK. Having said that, I will happily use all of the shades on offer within this palette, the only exception being Blackout. I don’t wear black eyeshadow at all, however it is useful for going over gel liner as it helps to prolong the longevity of it. The quality of each palette is superb, although as the palettes have progressed I have found that the quality has got better and better each time, having said that there is nothing wrong with the eyeshadows in palettes 1 and 2, nothing at all.

The only thing I would have negative to say in respect of the Naked 1 palette is that it is encased within velvet packaging. It is very difficult to keep clean and free of fluff, it attracts fluff like a magnet and I will admit to spending more time than really necessary editing this photo to remove the specs of dust on this. Once again, I use all of the shades on offer in this palette barring Creep and Gunmental, they are just a bit too dark for me. My favourite choices from this palette consist of Virgin, Sin, Naked and Sidecar. The first four shades provide for the perfect nude eye for work and daytime wear, I adore them.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Collection Urban Decay Eyeshadow Collection

The Naked Basics Palette* was the next product within my Urban Decay collection. This was kindly gifted to me during a collaboration with Follie Follie back in 2014. The palette is still going strong, although it is quite old now and probably should be replaced. This palette has been so handy for travelling, it has been everywhere with me and has lived to tell the tale. As you can see, I have hit pan on my favourite shade Naked 2 which is a little bit sad as I have thought that when the time comes I will probably not purchase this, instead I may pick up the Basics 2 palette or indeed the Ultimate Basics palette, I haven’t quite decided yet which one I would make the most out of. Again, I like to use the black from this to help go over my gel or liquid liner as it really does help prolong how long that lasts quite considerably. The shade Venus is also really useful for an inner corner highlight or for the brow bone.

Of course, as most of you know, 2017 saw the most recent launch to the line with the Naked Heat Palette. I picked this up quite quickly after it launched in the summer and have not regretted it one little bit. Yes the palette is very warm toned and red looking, however I do urge you not to let this put you off or intimidate you, it is very wearable and well worth trying in store so that you can see this for yourself. I have a full review of the Naked Heat Palette where you can read about it more in depth. I haven’t really explored the two darker shades towards the end of the palette, those being En Fuego and Ashes, however I do think that they look beautiful and I am determined to try them properly soon. My favourite shades are Low Blow, Cayenne and Ember particularly Ember as it is so different to any other eyeshadow I own.

As I came to the end of the post I completely forgot that I had missed out the Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette, how can that be? Here is a link if you wish to read all about that one, it is a beautiful palette although I doubt you can now find this online as it was limited edition.

So there we have it, my little round up of my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes. I have now but one question, do I need to buy the Naked 3 palette?

Urban Decay products can be found on Feel Unique, Debenhams and Selfridges.

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