Erborian CC Crème

Erborian CC Crème

For those living in the UK and facing the onslaught of our never-ending heatwave, I repeat heatwave. I may have just found the perfect light weight base to offer coverage, SPF and a natural finish; step forward the Erborian CC Creme*.

My experience with base products is pretty much limited to foundations. I have never really delved into the world of tinted moisturisers, bb creams or even cc cremes having only tried the odd one or two in the past. I like coverage and often have the unfounded notion towards products such as those that they won't provide me with what I am looking for, particularly on a day to day basis when I'm off to work and really want that surety that my base will stay in place.

Erborian is a Korean brand which combines the most sophisticated technologies with high-quality ingredients derived from Korean herbs, to create innovative and exclusive formulas that reveal luminosity, radiance and younger-looking skin. The Erborian CC Creme* has changed my opinion overnight on cc cremes, I now want to try more. It is true that I have not being testing this all that long, it is a matter of weeks, yet I have to say I am very impressed already. Having never tried anything from the brand before I did not know what to expect. I find it interesting to try something for the first time from a brand you have never used before, as once you do it somehow sets the bar and expectation for anything else that you then go on to try from them in the future.

Erborian CC Crème

The Erborian CC Creme contains SPF 25 which I find really useful within my base products as I often can forget to apply SPF if it is outside of my foundation. It is a bad habit and it is one I am trying to rectify, therefore I can't help but praise a product with SPF in it as it helps to ensure I am receiving some form of sun protection.

The cream itself is white in colour, which upon application and manipulation into the skin it then adapts to your skin tone. Now this is where I find the only issue with the product as there are currently only two shades (to my knowledge) in this line, therefore even with the skin tone adapting abilities within this, surely it is still limited towards the variety of skin tones that can use this? I would be really curious to know more about this; how much can it adapt to? I've only been able to test the shade I have, which is 'clair' upon myself, therefore I don't know how well the darker shade would work on somebody with a much darker skin tone or at the opposite side of the spectrum, how it would work on somebody much paler than myself.

What I do know is that the coverage on this is beautiful, it is not too heavy or too light, it is just perfect in creating that natural, glowy base and yet it is also successful in hiding blemishes and evening out the appearance of your skin. I personally really do love this and would definitely purchase this for myself in the future. It is not very often that I come across a base product that I really love, it has been nice to find a new one this year.

The price of this is what you would expect for a higher end brand, the 15ml retails at £17 whereas the £45ml retails at £38.

Have you tried anything from Erborian before?

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer.